Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It Has Come to My Attention that We Aren’t Running Enough…


17 track stars, including 1 FNG ACTUAL track star converged on the Carillon in this truly gloomy morning full of April Showers. Only the Q brought an umbrella….weird. Seeing that everybody was already wet, we might as well enjoy the morning and find ALL the puddles to run thru:

-COP in the field next to the police officer memorial

  • SSH
  • 10 Richard Kimbles OYO
  • Imperial Walker
  • Saab’s iteration…arm circles and Don Quixote
  • Merkin

Burpee Lake- 3 burpees at each light pole around the lake. Lunge up and down the hill for the six.

Orangutan- At Rusty Cage, start at the bottom and climb up the bars as far as you can. Repeat times 3. 20 jerkins OYO

Legs and abs Yoga- 10 minutes of some yoga concentrating on legs and abs. Yup.

4 minutes of Mary.


With so much extracurricular running going on pre-Dogpile these days, I decided to give everybody more of what they are craving….running. It’s a long ways to and from burpee lake, and all the way back to rusty cage. I was really surprised to see Breakfast Club show up with 15 minutes to spare before Dogpile start at 0600….with the deluge going on, I would have thought you would want to keep moving. I shared an umbrella with Emoji and Shakedown. Rosie wanted to sit in the truck, which I told him he is welcome to if he could produce a dry towel. He could not.

Once we got going, it became evident that Handshake was going to steal the show with his impressive 4th F game. He claims that it was from spaghetti, but I would venture there might have been low levels of rat poison involved as well.

Apology of the week goes to FNG Tadpole, for the attempted disclaimer. I did my best to get thru it but was CONSTANTLY interrupted. I pleaded my case at Elwood Thompson’s that mumblechatter should have been out of bounds during the disclaimer, but was told from MULTIPLE sources (read as: everybody at the table) that I got exactly what I deserved. And for that,

Lab Rat Apologizes…


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  1. Well done, group! If you have time, check out Shakedown’s posts on the book of faces. He got some good stuff this morning!

  2. Burpee Lake! The one thing I did first for F3RVA! First time I took the PAX there we did 2 burpees per light pole and everyone was gassed. Tclaps for doing 3 per!! That’s strong!! Wish I could have been there but the workout in Denver was great. I’m headed to Eleven Mile Canyon tomorrow to go fly fishing. Labrat when are you coming out??

  3. I still vote for Dean Wermer over Tadpole but ok. Glad the Q called for Richard Kimball’s and only a few pax knew what to do.
    Time for a One Hit Wonder exercise Q, RKs will be on there for sure.

  4. Good to put a face with a voice, HoneyDo. Now I know who suggested the Richard Kimball’s. Noted.

  5. Good Q, Lab Rat. Yoga is no joke. The breathing isn’t hard, it’s the lifting of 200 pounds on one leg that’s not quite under mastery just yet.

    Welcome, Tadpole, or Dean Wermer, or Glamour…come back often. Also, let’s set up an hour to chat. The topic is “Bodo’s” with the primary question being “How did such a good guy go through four years at UVA and have no idea what basketball is?” Did you all live in Staunton and commute to class?

    UpChuck apologizes to Lab Rat for his impersonation of Lab Rat during the COP. Must not have been good as it wasn’t recognized.

  6. Fudd, you were given full credit this morning for burpee lake!

    Pencil me in for hopper season, I’ll see if I can come out while kids are on break.

  7. Fudd, you were given full credit this morning for burpee lake!

    Pencil me in for hopper season, I’ll see if I can come out while kids are on break.

  8. Lots of running today. Its funny to see how mad Lab Rat gets from the mublechatter during his Q’s. #DoasIsaynotasIdo

  9. In my defense, I was asking for 30 seconds. I now understand it was unfair to ask. I have been retained.

  10. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good Q Labrat
    Man I hope handshake is finished trying to push the devil out of his $$)(hole damn that was brutal.
    Lots of running indeed / great job guys !
    We miss you Fuddski – enjoy the fishing !
    TYA crushed his 50k – well done brother!
    See y’all in the gloom

  11. Lab rat – running still sucks if you haven’t heard. Looks like New Market needs to bring out a new “thing”! Not sure what, but will not include trails at 4am! Great Q! I was tapped and the fact that breakfast club left as I was a minute late, I was glad to drive away from Dog Pile and not run! Welcome to Tadpole! You will always remember your first! Keep coming! Great job TYA – your nuts, but love ya!

  12. Well it’s good to see the Richard Kimball is still alive and well in RVA and apparently sporting yoga pants. And 3 burpees per light post!! Sounds like some one is getting ready for tank top season and wanted to punish the Pax. You are the LuLu to my Lemon.