Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

SOJ Masters – Denim Required…


YHC looked at the Q sheet late last night and debated whether to attend EFH’s annual Masters Workout at 45MOM or attend the 2nd edition of The Forge for DTH’s promised ground & pound. Then, I noticed that Timberwolf was Q-less and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pack up some props and lead a little SOJ Masters workout. It was a little rough around the edges but it went something like this:

SHORT Mosey to the concrete pad at the end of our parking area for COP – 9 exercises (a short 9-hole warm up), all IC, including the following:

  1. SSHs x18
  2. DQs x18 (that is a lot of DQs at a slow pace)
  3. Heliciopters x18
  4. Imperial Walkers x18
  5. Hillbilies – full SOJ-style with the hops x18
  6. Copperhead Squats x18
  7. Merkins x9
  8. APDs x18
  9. Flutter Kicks x18

Mosey to front corner of the school (a/k/a the 11th tee box – White Dogwood) for the start of Amen Corner Timberwolf style.

White Dogwood (a 505 yard par 4) consisted of 4 stops heading down the hill towards the front entrance (Rae’s Creek area):

  • Start (Tee shot) = 10 merkins
  • Shot 2 = 20 jump squats
  • Shot 3 = 30 2-ct mountain climbers
  • Shot 4 =40 SSHs
  • It’s in the hole! Plank and wait for the six to putt out.

Golden Bell (a 155-yard par 3 across Rae’s Creek) at is the apex of Amen Corner for a little Amen Corner Triangle. In corner 1 perform 10 2-ct Alternating Shoulder Taps. In corner 2 perform 20 LBCs. In corner 3 perform 30 plank jacks. Repeato times 3. Al gore for the six.

Azalea (a 510-yard par 5 and maybe my favorite hole of the whole course with the risk-reward and eagle opportunity). Starting at first lightpost at the bottom of the hill (the Tee box) and stopping at 5 lightposts all the way up to the bus parking lot, we did 5 exercises, 10 reps of each at each lightpost. Exercises were: HRMs, Freddie Mercuries, Squats, Box Cutters and Monkey Humpers. In my daze, I added in a 6th exercise off the tee box of Jump Squats — my bad guys – put me down for a bogey on that one. Plank for six at the top.

Driving Range Time – Mosey over to the sidewalk by the school to find YHC’s props – a mat with 2 kinds of “muff” to choose from, a gap wedge, some foam practice balls and a sled-saucer (green of course) to represent the hole. The saucer was placed out in a lit portion of the parking lot and each PAX member took his turn with 3 shots off the muff at trying to hit the “hole”. Exercises were called after each attempt varying from 10 burpees to 10 merkins to 3 burpees (unless you are DK and thought it was 10 again) to Dollies and others. Many different swings and approaches. Some very close shots but nothing in the hole. Better luck next time fellas.

The horn sounded – time to get back to the flag. Honeymoon grabbed the gap wedge and led the 10-some back to the flag.

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and everyone removed caps and shook hands. Great round fellas!

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Maybe this will become the SOJ Tradition Unlike Any Other. I’ll work on some new props for next year – a better target for sure. Maybe we will even get some glow-balls and take it down to the field next year. Not the biggest beatdown or smokefest ever, but we got the heart rate up a bit through Amen Corner. Good clean fun as Shakedown likes to say! Thanks for playing along. Enjoy Masters weekend.

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  1. Nice workout today Gumbo! Love the theme and effort. Highlight of the day was when Wilson somehow missed the entire ball yet had the club head pass directly underneath it. That’s a special kind of something to accomplish that. Must have got confused in the Hungarian muff!