Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Eight gloom veterans and 3 WEAG FNG’s posted in balmy temps for our second FORGE experience. Here’s how DTH kept the PAX moving as a team:


Mosey to COP #1: (Remain in 1st Lot)

  • Chumbaburpee – musical warmerama with a Burpee for every “I Get Knocked Down”, and other to-the-beat exercises in during verses – Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, Ball Dippers
  • Total of 24 Burpees

Mosey to COP #2: (2nd Lot)

  • DQ’s x10
  • Cherry Pickers x10
  • Dancing Bears x20
  • Angle Grinders x20

Mosey to COP #3: (Rails)

  • Circuit: Complete x3 sets of x10 Dips & x10 Incline Merkins at the top end of the rails, with x10 WWII’s 50 yards away back at the bottom of the ramp
  • Captain Thors & Pankercises while awaiting the Six

Mosey to COP #4: (Hills)

  • Burp Back Mountain – Partner 1 starts 100 count Burpees at bottom while Partner 2 bear crawls up the hill, completes x10 Heels to Heaven, then runs back down to switch with Partner 1 …early finishers teamed up to complete the Six’s Burpees.

Circle up for COP #5:

  • Flutter Kicks OYO x1min awaiting the Six
  • Freddie M’s x20
  • APD’s x20
  • Dying Cockroaches x20
  • Protractor variations
  • Scissors/Flutters variations
  • Wilson’s ab stretch
  • No Cheat Merkins x10
  • The DTH Circle Merk x3

COT at the ShovelFlag:

  • Counterama #11
  • Namerama (x3 FNG’s)
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • Beautiful morning to celebrate our freedoms among F3 brothers. Very happy to introduce a few more WEAG brothers to F3. Thomas Lord’s favorite hobby is making sweet love to his wife – welcome TROJAN! Tim Hughes (age 59) plays keys for his band – welcome PIANO MAN! And Vik Karunakar sings for the same band and enjoys watching Cricket – welcome JIMINY CRICKET! YHC thought the Chumbaburpee warmerama was a fun way to get things started, and will be considering some other songs for future Q’s. Keep posting fellas!

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Joined F3 at NoToll 9/25/18. Started The FORGE 4/4/19. Fealty to SOJ. Follower of Jesus Christ. Pediatrician. Missionary. Husband to the M since 2005. Papa to a couple awesome 2.0's "Oreo" & "Banjo".


  1. As always, it’s my honor to attend and lead such a fine group of men. Announcements below:
    – FLATLINE’s M’s grandmother passed away – please keep his family in your prayers
    – Welcome FNG’s – Tim Hughes (Piano Man), Thomas Lord (Trojan), Vik Karunaker (Jiminy Cricket)
    – DON DRAPER’s VQ next Thur (4/18) at the Forge!!!

  2. Great Q (and Great AO!), DTH. Chumbawumba was a lot more fun when it was a drinking song and not a burpees song – and also it was the late 90’s and I was pushing 20 instead of 40 – but great pull nonetheless.

    Welcome to the FNG’s – Trojan, Piano Man, and Jiminy Cricket – ya’ll crushed it out there. Hope to see you back out soon.

  3. Enjoyed being back at The Forge this morning…another great Q DTH!

    Awesome to see three FNGs…welcome Trojan, Piano Man, and Jiminy Cricket. Keep posting!