Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is that the Carillon or are you happy to see me?


11 Warriors rose to the challenge today. The clock hit 530 and off we went to the first circle for COP.

  • SSH
  • Helicopters
  • Don Quixote
  • Hill Billies

Over to the Grand Field for 11s – bear crawl across and lunge back with the exercises of 4 count American Hammers and HRM. Finish with two sets of 20 Wilson’s Dying Cockroach

Back to the Rusty Cage for the first ever WDog Chas Michael Michaels (AKA the Iron Lotus). 3 sets up 5. Proximity to your partner matters. Think ankles, not knees.

Keep a partner and perform 7 Jerkins, 7 Pull Ups, run to the fire hydrant and perform 20 four count flutter kicks. Three times through.

3 sets of 20 PLTs

Back to the VSF for some Mary – APDs, left leg lifts, right leg lifts.

Saab took us out.


Labrat was VERY chatty this morning even by his own standards. YHC compared him to an AM radio station you couldn’t turn off. Everytime he would cross the grand field during the 11s, it was a different topic like a radio on scan. Love Ya Bro.

Backblast title comes from the PLTs behind the Carillon when one Pax member laid on their back and grabbed the other Pax member’s ankles. He had a view of the Carillon while looking up and stated “Now I can see the Carillon”. We may never know which one he meant.

Time to Run,



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good Q Lockjaw !
    Way to work boys ..
    Is Labrat still talking or is that my radio ?
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Great Q Lockjaw. I was really disappointed though that you guys did not sing the whole Good Old Song with me.

  3. Thanks to Vinny for the “proper toss”

    Enjoyed tuning-in to LabRat 1100* am today.

    * To be truthful…he was on every channel.

  4. Big Tennessee on

    Lots of laughs this morning, boys. Thanks for the spot on the bars, Swirly. Not so much on the plt’s, Lab Rat. #upskirt

  5. Funny times this morning. My M and I went for a walk this evening and I told her how there was a lot of male humor today. She asked me how so, and I didn’t have the heart to explain. W Dog always starts off my Wednesday’s right.

  6. If you pair Chazz Michael Michaels and PLTs with Swirly’s wrestling thing do you get Brokeback Mountain?