Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Babbling Brook

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A mighty 11 came strolling into a not-so-dark Hoedown this AM for a Splinter led post vaca beatdown. Huddle up to watch Upchuck tie his shoes then off we went down to the bottom of Lindsay for:

SSH x20
Imperial Squat Walkers x20
Don Quixotes x10
Arm Circles each way x15

The Thang
1k5k. Partner up and one partner runs up to the top of Lindsay while the other does an exercise. Exercises were 100x Jump Tucks, 200x merkins, 300 two-count Freddie Mercuries, 400x LBCs.

Mosey back to the blacktop for some more March Madness fun. 3 modified line drills on the blacktop, using the basketball hoops as our lines. At each line complete increasing number of specified exercise. 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x. First iteration was merkins, second iteration was jump squats, third iteration (much to the delight of Bodos) was two-count mountain climbers. Much fun was had.

Bear crawl down the ramp (and via a shortcut if your name is Ronnie) to the cafeteria wall for COT.

YHC took us out.

What a wonderful morning for some light jogging. BT clocked us at nearly a 5k (2.7 miles). We accomplished > 1k exercises so we will call that a wash.

Great to see Two Can out and about again. Up Chuck was gracious enough to offer a second pair of gloves which required Up Chuck to re-tie his shoes, prompting for a delayed departure.

The babbling brook was clean and active this morning. Nice backdrop for the 1k exercises.

Game tonight. Make sure you post tomorrow.

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  1. Well done fellas. Just a reminder about the Old Glory tomorrow morning at NoToll to honor a vet who we recently lost and anyone else the PAX wants to lift up in remembrance. Fly south for the morning and push yourself through an OG!

  2. What a good, clean, pore cleansing way to start the week. The jumpy thingies at the beginning were fun, in a kinda not so fun sort a way. Was fun to watch the Q do them…sort of gave the impression the Q was rethinking whether they were the best way to spend 4 minutes on a Monday.

    UpChuck will consider options for his car key, other than his shoe, for the next time a PAX member forgets gloves.

    Good to meet Roger Roger.


  3. Professional Q, Splinter. Glad to see you back out and your certainly brought the pain. Thanks to Fireman Ed for the partner work.