Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s National Make-Me-Laugh Month


27 stand-up artists took the stage to earn their 15-seconds of fame in today’s edition of The Dogpile. Temps were sunny and 70, with a slight dose of misty, muddy, and nasty, all perfect for an UpChuck Q.

Mosey to the Amphitheater for the COP

Today’s workout celebrated National Humor Month with the PAX encouraged to bring their worst joke. PAX approval earned the PAX member the right to select the next exercise. PAX or Q disapproval earned everyone 5 burpees.

The PAX also gathered in celebration of a number of other National Awareness, Celebration, or Appreciation Months.

COT: In celebration of National Alcohol Awareness Month, the PAX did exercises in increments of 40, 24, 12, and 6, with several sets of 5 burpees thrown in for good measure. The Q also was reminded to welcome an FNG and provide the disclaimer.

SSHs x 40
Hillbillies x24
LBCs x12
Something x6

Mosey to the Great Lawn to Celebrate Mathematics Awareness Month.

The PAX were reminded today of squares, both the shape and the numerical multipliers.

Exercises were:
Run 1/4 of the way down the Great Lawn for 4 lunges, take a 90 degree left turn, mosey across the field for 9 WWIIs, take a 90 degree left turn, and head to the end of the field for 16 burpees. Reverse the rectangle and repeat the 9 and 4 exercises on the way back to the start (i.e., “the prostitute”).

Hold 6 inches for The Six.

Second round…run 1/2 way down the field. Continuing with the rectangular theme, do 25 HRMs, 36 squats, and 49 flutter kicks. Repeato on the way back.

Hold 6 inches for The Six.

Third round…run all the way down the field, perform 64 mountain climbers at the corner, 81 LBCs at the other corner, then run back the length of the field for 100 SSHs. Repeato the exercises on the way back.

Hold 6 inches for The Six.

Do a round or two of 5 burpees somewhere in there.

Note: Some PAX included their own celebration of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month along the way. Google it.

Staying on the Great Lawn for Couples Appreciation Month

Partner up for wheelbarrowing down the Great Lawn. At the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and end of the Great Lawn, stop for each partner to perform 25 PLTs. At the end, appreciate your partner by holding six inches. Then, swap partners for 25 of Wilson’s Boxing Cockroaches. Add a set of DonQ’s at the end.

Mosey to the Amphitheatre for National STDs Education and Awareness Month (Also a real thing)

On each step in the Amphitheatre, perform 5 ABDs, 5 pickle pounders, and 5 monkey humpers.

Perform one forward roll (pull knees to chest, lean forward…that’s just how I roll.)


Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, Lab Rat took us out.


All the PAX were reminded of the fragility of the lives we have been given this week. Keep Alan and Holly Nicolette, their family, and their friends in your prayers this week. Also, Gomer Pyle lost a college friend (aka, The Hammer) this week at far too young an age. Keep him and his widow in your prayers.


YHC thanks the PAX for indulging his childishness yet again. There were some good groaners this morning, and YHC confesses to being fully prepared to retell a few.

Today was a mudder – YHC’s favorite kind of workout. It’s a wonderful reminder for YHC of the intensity and fun that are literally rolled together in an F3 workout. Thank you all for pushing.

Welcome to our FNG. There was much discussion in the COT and at ET. YHC has settled on Hustler as the name. Looking forward to having him join us regularly. Welcome!

Go Hoos!


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  1. Nice work, Upchuck! Posh, thanks for pushing me during the wheelbarrows! I needed that this morning.

    What’s brown and sticky?

    A stick!

    Terrible joke I know but i was ready. Hitchhiker had the best joke today.

    Peace, Opus

  2. Great job, Upchuck. Nice partnering with EF Hutton and Bleeder. Welcome Hustler!

    In case anyone missed the best joke told this morning, here you go:

    What name do you give a PAX member who doesn’t read PreBlast and posts at the wrong area for a Roller Coaster run? Answer: Upchuck!

    Have a great weekend all!

  3. Was prepared to tell the old joke every school makes about their rival.

    Tech fan and a UVA fan are at the urinals. Tech fan finishes and starts to walk out. UVA fan says Hey in Charlottesville they teach us to wash our hands. Tech fan says Yeah, well in Blacksburg they teach us not to piss on our hands.

    Also had a Dad joke. My sons says Hey dad, did you get a haircut? I said no son, I got them all cut.

    Looked up Labrat’s penguin driving through the desert joke, I’ll let him finish that one.

    Good luck to my Yahoo friends tonight.

  4. The best part was how angry I made myself at you all for not showing up. Classic, UpChuck.

  5. Hutton, I finished that joke at breakfast.

    Don’t think for 1 minute I wouldnt have told that whole thing in the amphitheater with 30 guys standing there wondering how long it would take to finish.