Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Inaugural FORGE Beatdown


F3 RVA rung in a new AO this morning at Huguenot High School near Bon Air, with a dirty dozen fartsac escapees ready to tackle a DTH beatdown on new ground. Flange arrived on foot as he lives right around the corner, and one Friendly New Guy answered the call to be born again in the F3 Fiery Forge. Here’s how DTH hammered these iron warriors into glory:


Mosey to COP #1: (next parking lot down)

  • SSH x20
  • DQ’s x10
  • Ball Dippers x10
  • No Cheat Merkins x10 (Hand Release + Shoulder Tap = 8ct)
  • Freddie M’s x20
  • DR. W – Dolly / Rosalita / W – 8ct x10

Mosey to COP #2:

  • Partner up at Parallel rails of stadium’s wheelchair ramp
  • 3 rounds of x10 Jerkins & x10 CliffHanger Merkins

Mosey to COP #3:

  • Indigenous Peoples Run to the cul-de-sac at the end of South Coleman Ln (behind stadium)
  • Circle up and review the F3 CREDO
  • Sweat Angels x15 IC
  • Crab Cakes x15 IC
  • Find a new Partner to complete x3 sets of: x20 PLT each, x10 Squerkins each

Mosey to COP #3:

  • Run the ~ 0.5mile run back up South Coleman to a grassy hillside
  • New partners for DORA (x100 Merkins, x200 LBC’s, x300 Squats) – While P1 completes stationary exercises, P2 Bear Crawls up and down the three hills, then runs back to trade off …most PAX nearly completed the Squats before YHC called an audible back to the ShovelFlag

At the ShovelFlag:

  • 2 minutes of High & Low Flutters and Scissors
  • The DTH CircleMerk x3


  • Counterama #12
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • YHC feels REBORN and honored to facilitate and Q a new F3RVA AO. Thank you all SO much for your encouragement to make this happen. Multiple times this morning a very enthusiastic Q was reminded to dial back the Qadrenaline. Our new FORGE has so much great potential, and we’ve only skimmed the surface! YHC heard from many F3 veterans and wannabe FNG friends that this week didn’t work for them due to Spring Break travels – so while 12 PAX felt perfect this morning, we will likely see this group grow quickly. Rumor has it the Ghost Flag will make its appearance sometime this month at the Forge, and YHC aims to make SOJ the GhostFlag’s permanent home, so you other areas best represent! 

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Joined F3 at NoToll 9/25/18. Started The FORGE 4/4/19. Fealty to SOJ. Follower of Jesus Christ. Pediatrician. Missionary. Husband to the M since 2005. Papa to a couple awesome 2.0's "Oreo" & "Banjo".


  1. – Welcome SCROOGE – Ebeneezer “Ben” Geevarghese, a very friendly Hate Hate who attends DTH’s church (WEAG)
    – Come out for a MURF at TwinTeam tomorrow!
    – Plan to attend an OLD GLORY at NoToll next week
    – DOOZY will have his VQ at SOT next week!
    – DON DRAPER is tentatively planning his VQ at The Forge on 4/18

  2. Potential, indeed. This AO has a lot of it. lots of parking spaces, hills, lamposts, grassy hills, curbs, and we only surveyed one side. If we can get the keys to the tennis courts and football stadium…giddy up! I look forward to working this one into the Thursday rotation and exploring this AO more.

    Great leadership in getting this started DTH and great Q today. The PLT/Squerkin mash-up was a new one for me. Best to keep that secluded in the back cul-de-sac for now!

    Great job guys. Onward and upward for The Forge!

    Welcome Scrooge – keep posting young man and you’ll get stronger and crush these workouts in no time.

  3. Great Q DTH at an awesome new AO! Those hills are definitely going to get some use. ….Definitely appreciate your enthusiasm and leadership.

    Welcome Scrooge…way to push hard today.

  4. Mama didn’t raise no quitter. I’ll be back every week till I can compete with the best of y’all!

    Thanks for the constant encouragement. Couldn’t have gone as far as did without the extra push. Great group of guys and great leadership from DTH.

    See y’all next week!

  5. Not sure I’m coordinated enough to do Dr. Ws.

    Still curious what a pole dancer is after Flange’s failed demonstration.

    Tobit Squerks very well.

    Good to be Forged.

  6. Döner Kebab on

    Great Q, DTH. Incredible AO. So many possibilities.
    Way to keep it real today, Scrooge. Welcome. Great having you out to remind us that this stuff isn’t easy. Keep posting, and you’ll crush the bear crawls soon enough!

    I’m still laughing at “Tobit Squerks very well.”
    Taken out of context, that could go in so many different directions…

    F3 in Stratford Hills!

  7. Well done DTH, great choice of AO and excellent job getting this started. Lots to explore here. Welcome Scrooge, great work today, it doesn’t get easier, you get stronger. Looking forward to seeing you around some more.
    I think squerkins would be great to do at the top of the hills across the front, why keep them confined to the back. As for Don Draper’s VQ, if he’s thinking about it, he’s there, lock it in.

  8. Felt great to be back in the group after a couple of weeks away. Awesome new AO! Great job getting this one off the ground, DTH!

    Let’s just say the attempted Pole Dancers appear normal as compared to the look of a Squerkin!

    Welcome, Scrooge. Rosie’s comment is spot on…you’ll get stronger. Looking forward to new VQ’s over the next couple of weeks!

    Have a great day, men.

  9. Congratulations to all on starting this. Way to go, DTH.

    Looking forward to seeing the new AO soon.

  10. Thanks for leading the start of the new AO. I think the middle parking lot and the back road will be great for The Beast, The Hogan, Old Glory, etc. all those light poles and the incline/decline. I’m excited to find the other utapped territory we didn’t even experience today.

    Welcome Scrooge! Way to show up and get it done. We are an intimidating group to roll into, we are glad to have you with us!