Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Touch ‘Em All


7 Northeasters eased into the gloom for a full body workout. This is how that happened:

Warmup with parking lot tracers and a pretty standard COP. Warmup them muscles, then start using them.

Legs: Mosey over to benches in front of CMS. Step ups, X10 each leg. Jump ups, X20. Happy Feet for 1 minute. Partner up for calf raises….X25. 1 legged calf raises X10 each leg. Deep slow squat for a 10 count down, then 10 count back up.

Arms: Mosey to field at CSES. 11’s with dips on the bench and good form merkins on the other side of the field. X10 pullups for everybody.

Abs: Mosey to big tire. X25 situps with feet on the tire…try to touch your elevated toes. Back to flag for Mary: Freddie Mercury’s, hip raises (both sides), heels to heaven, and 6 inches.

NMS: Glad Emoji made it out, as he was travelling until late last night. He claims he came out just because I had the Q, but I think he was just being nice. Big PROPS to Bulkhead for running the mile and change to and from the AO this morning….something he laughed off doing not even a month ago when Spike invited him to join. Keep coming out, and watch yourself change. The legs concentration had at least a few of us feeling it! Proof you dont need to do huge reps if you concentrate on doing good form. Plan on seeing something similar to that again real soon. Im talking to you, Dogpile.

Apology of the week goes out to Spit for flying by him on the way to RAMM last Friday. Sorry I drive better.

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