Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Inaugural Hoedown Old Glory/Q Sucks Wind


Old Glory flew around parts of Westham this morning as 7 able bodied men attack the Inaugural Old Glory workout at Hoedown. The following is what YHC could remember:

No COP! Grab Shovel Flag and complete a 1 mile run from TES to Trinity Methodist by way of a route through Westham.

Plant Shovel Flag at the corner of Forest and Rock Creek and identify the following four corners to the PAX:

Corner 1 – Forest and Rock Creek complete 20 Merkins

Corner 2 – Back parking lot corner to the rear right of church property complete 20 Jump Squats

Corner 3 – Back parking lot entrance to the left rear of church property complete 10 Burpees

Corner 4 – Forest and Stuart Hall complete 20 WWII Sit-ups

Complete as many circuits as possible in the allotted time frame which was 20 minutes or until 6:00am.

Grab Shovel Flag and reverse the 1 mile route back to TES.

Circle up for 5MOM:

Upchuck – 16 x Reverse Crunches

Gomer Pyle – 15 x Hello Dollies

EF Hutton – 15 x APD’s

Bodos – 15 x American Hammers

Handshake – 15 x Flutter Kicks

Garbage Plate – 15 x Back Arches

Kubota – 15 x Scorpion Kicks

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements and YHC took us out


Roller Coaster/HDHH is this Wednesday at 5:30pm sharp for the run. Meet behind Palani Drive Restaurant at 401 Libbie Ave. Run hills until around 6:15pm, then go inside Palani Drive for HDHH.

Faceplant has his Run VQ tomorrow at Spider Run.

Need someone to Q Breaking Bread for April. Sign up on the Q Sheet. Thanks to Slurpee for handling February and March by himself!


Old Glory seemed like a good call this morning in order to keep the PAX guessing beforehand whether there was going to be some April Fool’s shenanigans or not. No jokes, only fools, but we are better fools for completing an Old Glory workout. We clipped a nice pace on the way over and attacked the stations with precision and speed. All except YHC. Urination break and trouble breathing kept YHC lagging behind the rest of the PAX who absolutely crushed it! The circuit distance was about as close as you can get to the No Toll Old Glory circuit distance. Just a small fraction less. The run back was were YHC had to give the shovel flag up to Gomer Pyle because the flag should fly in front of the PAX, not behind where YHC was hanging out/struggling. A nice round of Mary completed a great way to start our week. Upchuck noticed that Bodos calls great cadence and then made a comment about Bodos maybe Q’ing soon……???

A column has been added to the Old Glory tab on the Q sheet to record how many circuits you completed. YHC will Q this again at an unknown date to see if anyone can improve on this morning. YHC sure hopes he can improve.

Have a great day, fellas, and it was an honor to lead this morning!



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  1. Word is Bodos suffers from a crippling fear of speaking in front of others but not sure of that makes sense ?

  2. That was a nice kick in the tail to get me going. Technically, I was ahead of you, but we are splitting hairs.

    I do a version of this in Florida. It’s always better with a rabbit (or group of rabbits) to chase. Thanks, fellas.


  3. Great job fellas. Never go wrong with an OG.

    You can test yourselves again next Tuesday at NoToll when we will have an Old Glory in honor of some fallen heroes that were friends of the PAX.

  4. UpChuck splitting hairs? How? Nose hair?

    Good work guys. Glad I wasn’t feeling like running this morning.

  5. Tough morning today. Gomer Pyle was smoking everyone until he decided to tie his shoe to let us catch up.

  6. I am reading this while waiting for an insufferably long time at the DMV and it is only slightly less painful than this morning. Great Q Kubota, and I too was grateful that Gomer’s shoe lace untied so we could catch up. As for Qing, enough of you are nagging me about it that I may just give it a go. As long as Up Chuck doesn’t make fun of me.

  7. Shoes untied = pre combat inspection failure. No Go
    on this patrol Move out Rangerr.

    Great workout gents. Hope everyone feels better Kubota.

    Can’t believe how dark Westham is right now.