Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Heading South is Good. Heading North So-So.


Fifteen of RVAs finest shook off the fartsack from a late night of watching basketball and came out for some fun and a few miles pre and post workout.

We were met with a few questionable looks on the way to Dogpile and one irate car traveling at a high velocity, but Carytown was somewhat dormant at the time. The lap around the lake was nice.

Coming home we had the early morning crowd giving a few salutes as the Flag made its way back to ET.


See preblast for this Wednesday’s HDHH at Palani Drive following the Roller Coaster run. Kubota is on point.

Great run men.



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  1. Good run, Lockjaw. Glad the New Market crew made it out.

    I love watching the faces of my fellow Americans in the morning…some are born skeptics; some born optimists…

  2. Does this count for 1 or 2 big data points? One for run over and one for run back?
    Big data points becoming as valuable as Venezuelan Bolivars.

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