Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Simple Instructions – Its just a big loop…


16 able-bodied men posted for some miles (15 remained so). Instructions were given, street name pronunciations were corrected and damnit, YHC still can’t find the correct exit off the trail onto the road. In any event, it was Sunny and 70, perfect conditions for some miles and some fellowship.

The routes were as follows:

  • 6 Milers – head up by the baseball field and past the Robbins Center and jump onto Bandy Rd to Three Chopt. Take Three Chopt to Patterson. Patterson to WestHAM Pkwy. Left on WestHAM Pkwy and follow that all the way across River Rd (cross either on WestHAM or Country Squire depending on your running lane) and link up to S. Ridge, the Westham Station up to the River Road Shopping Center and back to the flag via UR Drive.
  • 5 Milers – cross the lake and take the trail out to College Rd (eventually). Crossover to University. Take University up to Wood Rd – Right on Wood up to Lakewood – Left on Lakewood then Right back onto Wood (gotta love the West End grid system). Follow Wood up to its end and bear left onto Waveny. Take Waveny up to WestHAM Pkwy and follow the back-half of the 6 mile route back to the Flag.
  • 4 Milers – follow 5-mile route across the lake and up University. Don’t turn on Wood Rd but continue up University to Old Oak Rd. Right on Old Oak up to Hillsdale Dr. Left on Hillsdale Dr. over to WestHAM Pkwy and follow the back-half of the 6 mile route back to the Flag.

COT, Number-rama and Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.

Two quick announcements:

  • Faceplant declared next Tuesday’s Spider Run to be his VQ and the crowd gave him a golf clap for his efforts…In any event lookout for Faceplant’s VQ coming soon…and, he may even lead Spider Run next week.
  • Saab let the PAX know of the recent and unexpected passing of one of his neighbors – a mid-40s husband and father of 3 (?). A shock to many, including some other PAX who knew him. Life is precious and we never know when our time is up. Grab each day by the horns and live it with all the energy you can. Prayers and condolences for the family.


There is something peaceful about running in the darkness (especially of Country Squire and S. Ridge/Westham Station) and sharing some conversation between inhales and exhales. This morning was no different. Thanks to Gomer Pyle, Swiper and EF Hutton for the company at various times. I enjoyed it greatly.

As we were reminded by Saab, each day is a blessing. Make the most of it and try to focus on the things that really matter. Always great but often difficult to get that reminder.

Tclaps to BT for gutting this one out through calf pain and to Swirly and others for sticking with him and bringing him back to the flag. Hope it loosens up quickly and feels better BT.

An absolutely perfect morning for a run and the company equaled the conditions. Thanks men!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great route – Gumbo – love it that we miss that urn in the trail every time.
    Props to Gomer for just tracking through the shrubs…
    Get that calf better BT – need you out there brother.
    Beautiful morning for a run..
    See y’all in the gloom

  2. Big Tennessee on

    Love the route, weather and company were perfect. Thanks to Swirly and GP for dragging me along the last mile. Sippy, turns out I can do that stretch in slacks so I’ll be using it often;)

  3. Funny that one big loop is such a good route – thanks for working through it Gumbo.

    Heal up BT.

    “Slacks”? Millennials want to know what Vinny calls ’em.

  4. Millennials definitely need to be taught. Vinny calls ’em slacks. Unless they’re yard khakis. As long as they are never jeans.

    Great loop today Gumbo. Thanks to the lead dogs for getting lost, leaving me time to catch the PAX out of the gate.