Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Chilly Potato for 1st Day of Spring


Seven masters of the gloom arrived at SOT on the 1st Day of Spring to find temperatures hovering around freezing and no Q on the Q sheet. A hot potato Q was called that went something like this:

Rosie Q:

Mosey to front of the school for COP (which included, but is not limited to):

Copperhead squats, SSHs, LBCs, Moroccan night clubs, etc.

Mosey behind the school via 5 broad jump burpees, 10 lunges (each leg), and 10 inch worms.

Toss the Q to Doozy.

Doozy Q:

Mosey down the hill towards the track for a brief wall sit.

Triple Check:

Partner 1 runs the hill while partner 2 performs ball dippers and partner 3 performs squats.

More wall sitting.

Toss the Q to Gumbo.

Gumbo Q:

Mosey to a set of bleachers. PAX does 20 dips, 20 inclined merkins, 20 jump squats, and runs a lap. Repeato with 30 dips, 30 inclined merkins, 30 jump squats, and a lap.

Toss the Q to Lugnut.

Lugnut Q:

Hallelujah mosey up the hill to the tennis courts for suicides.

Round 1: forward suicide and perform 25 LBCs when done

Round 2: backward suicide with 25 LBCs at end

Round 3: sideways suicide with 25 LBCs at end

Toss Q to Tobit.

Tobit Q:

Mosey back to parking lot for two rounds of burpee shuffle and 5 MOM which included 30 American Hammers, 30 Alabama Prom Dates, and 30 Rosalitas.

Numbers, Names, Announcements, Doozy took us out.


GrowRuck events this weekend.


YHC noticed this morning that a BB had not yet been posted for SOT….and thinks “what’s up with that?” Then YHC thinks….”wait a minute, was that supposed to be me?” If so, YHC definitely needs an SOP refresher on hot potato BB protocol. Is it a) “He who calls the potato is thereby responsible for penning thee BB” or b) “He who is lastly called for the potato is hereby proclaimed the responsible party in all BB matters”??? ….YHC supposes when it comes down to it…who cares….so as long as the BB gets posted.

Some mumblechatter this morning centered on Mr. Roper’s 30 hr drive back to Richmond from Denver after getting stuck there due to four cancelled flights. Also discussed was Roper’s uncanny ability to continue verbal communication (without ceasing) even while attempting to breathe and count. It’s definitely a talent.

Great job this (er yesterday) morning fellas!



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  1. Way to take the bull by the horns Tobit but if memory serves me right (I am on the uphill side to Respect) the BB was passed to the only “hate” at the party. As you know those of us on this side of “hate” find operating these electronic contraptions a bother, just ask Mr. Roper but make sure you ask at River Run.

    • Now that you mention it…I do have a vague recollection of some chatter regarding yours truly being the only “hate at the party”. Thanks for the recall….I have a tendency to zone out.

  2. Yeah, you definitely got sand-bagged with the BB, Tobit. Not sure what actual SOP is, or if there is one, but thanks for taking one for the team.

    Great potato Q. And, great having McRib back in the gloom.


  3. Thanks for putting the BB up Tobit and thanks to Lugnut for holding off passing you the Q until there wasn’t enough time to hit the track again. No real SOP for hot potato, he who grabs it or is volunteered gets it, unless it’s Mr. Roper because we all know he’s not putting up a BB. Kotters McRib.

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