Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Poles, Grind a Tree, and Dolla Bills Yo


18 Sharp Dudes arrived in The Gloom, anticipating Dr. Tryhard and his Q but surprised when YHC announced Dr. Tryhard filed a workers comp claim and succumbed to the plague. Polite audible called, Hot Potato Q. 0530-lets go!

COP- x 20 Imperial Walkers, x 30 SSH, x 15 Cotton Pickers, x 15 Invisible Jump Rope, x 20 Rosalita’s, x 20 Freddie Mercuries, x 20 Plank Jacks, x 10 Merkins. Mosey to The Lawn…

50 and 50…..partner up for partner carries and exercise. Partner 1 takes 50 steps while carrying partner 2 than each partners performs 25 WW II situps. Switch and repeat. Down the lawn and back.

Q handed over to Faceplant. Mosey over wooden posts that line the entrance. Each PAX member faces wooden post in plank position, performs x 5 Merkins and runs to the end of the line. Indian Run with Merkins. Entire PAX completes than reverse back down the line with WWII situps.

Q handed over to Handshake. Mosey to the stage and partner up. Decelerating touch a tree. Partner 1 touches 10 trees, partner 2 SSH. Switch, Repeat, touching 8 treees and Burpees, 6 and Merkins, 4 and Flutter Kicks, 2 and Squats.

Q handed to Abba. Mosey back to the flag. Abba concocted Merkin Wave, x 3 revolutions around the circle. Basically, each PAX member does 1 Merkin with the appearance of the crowd pleasing, stadium loving wave.

BOOM, 0615!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Growruck this weekend. Happy Hour Friday night at Triple Crossing. Saturday Dogpile begins at 700. Breakfast Club starts at 0600 with a quick workout till 0630 than our Glory Run to Dogpile. Assistance is needed Saturday night for supply van and logistics for Growruck. See Honeydo or Shakedown.

YHC took us out!

NMS: Dr Tryhard is down, but considering he has survived this long, in the faces of all those <18 yrs, God Bless. Maybe he RX’d himself some Tamiflu.

Shakedown was in dress rehearsal mode this morning. Respect.

Faceplant, have you had your VQ yet? Abba how about you? Great call on Merkin Wave! Nice ending to a Full Moon night.

Hardywood, way to crush WWII’s and YHC’s day is right!

Handshake….touch a tree but don’t grind a tree. And dolla bills are not needed at Wdog. But some PAX members can pole dance!! Those briars can get you, along with poison ivy!!

Yes, YHC has different cadence voices but only to entertain. Way to dominate this morning men!@!@ Worth it all to start our mornings this way.

Only those who post understand.

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Must be something in the water, Shakedown and I were saying the same thing about our partners Bodos and ABBA – seemed light on the partner carries. Great morning gents and hats off to the Q’s, well done. Merkin Wave will be seen again, brilliant.

  2. Great Q Flatline. I have great admiration for embracing your inner Chunk. The vocational stylings of your cadence alone are worth the price of admission. Thanks for leading today!

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