Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Better than When We Started


A lucky seven met on a frigid first day of spring to become better men, kettlebell style. Here is what happened.


Mosey to far end of parking lot with mix of regular run and karaokes.


Neck circles, arm circles, hip circles

(On back) belly breathing, hold 6″, flutter kicks (IC X 20)

T-Merkins (IC X 10ish)

Dirty Dogs (IC X 5)

Mosey to front of school for triple-check:

  • Wall squats
  • Box jump squats
  • Lunge across parking lot

Kettlebell Circuit

1st Circuit (7 minutes)

  • Double-lunge (X 5 each side)
  • Squat & Press (X 5 each side)
  • Snatch (X 5 each side)

One minute rest, then 2nd Circuit (7 minutes)

  • Double-handed swing (X 20)
  • Burpees (X 10)
  • Mountain climbers (X 10)

Minutes of Gumby

Numberama, Nameorama, YHC took us out


This morning was an attempt to get at some basics and include some warm-up and cool-down/stretching. Some things YHC learned:

  • COP exercises OYO (i.e., no cadence) work great.
  • In contrast, do not attempt an 8-count cadence. YHC knew Davillians had trouble with hard count beyond 10, but an 8-count cadence just totally through off the PAX.
  • Mud Face throwing down the kettlebell in disgust is a sure sign of a successful beatdown.
  • Lab Rat likes the back row, too. Seemed like Bulkhead didn’t mind.
  • Skip long explanations on sub-freezing days.
  • Work in more time for stretching.

As usual, it was an honor to lead. Always a learning experience. Next time will be better.


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