Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Jack Webb’s Deck of Death


Three intrepid warriors posted for a Monday evening Punisher (now at 6p for those not on the text chain and not reading the Q signup). Several us had to battle construction traffic coming off of the interstate and along Laburnum. Johnsonville (YHC) took the Q, and this is how it went down, more or less.

COP warmup with SSH, don quiote, imperial walkers, merkins, LBC.

Mosey to the side of the school, somewhat out of the wind and cold-ish-ness. Deck of death with the following attributes:

  • spades — Jack Webb arm raises on knees. Reps = card value (from 1 to 13) x 4 x 2. Note that the x2 mulitplier was added to spades only by audible.
  • clubs — Jack Webb count LBCs (same count ). Reps = card value (from 1 to 13) x 4.
  • hearts — slow squats in cadence. 3 counts at bottom. Reps = card value (from 1 to 13).
  • diamonds — Jack Webb count arm circles. Reps = card value (from 1 to 13) x 4.

Ark Loader in field in front of school with polar bears, polar crabs (APDs), high knees, karaokes, backward runs.

Jog around perimeter of AO. COT with YHC taking us out.

Way to start the week, Men! Jville


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