Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Luck of the Irish… a day early


8 fartsack escapees arrived at TwinTeam ready to kick off their Friday the right way, and none were disappointed. The Shovel Flag was planted, gloves discarded, and the Pax set to it quickly this morning to make sure everything could fit in the allotted time.


  • Invisible Jump Rope x20
  • Don Q x 8 veryyy slowwww
  • Cohen Kickbacks x 10

Mosey via baseball field shortcut to the stadium and track, left end.

Run a lap of the track and do 20 of each of the marked exercises on laminated card corresponding to that lap number. Complete everything you can in 33 minutes.
Lap 1 – Merkins
Lap 2 – Merkins, Storm Squats (today only 1 squat per total rep)
Lap 3 – Merkins, Storm Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks
Lap 4 – Merkins, Storm Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, WWII Situps
Lap 5 – Merkins, Storm Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, WWII Situps, In-place Lunges (to clear up any ongoing confusion, 20 each leg)
Lap 6 – Storm Squats, Scorpion Dry Docks, WWII Situps, In-place Lunges
Lap 7 – Scorpion Dry Docks, WWII Situps, In-place Lunges
Lap 8 – WWII Situps, In-place Lunges
Lap 9 – In-place Lunges
Lap 10 – Victory Lap

Plank-o-rama for recovery

Mosey back to the flag, take the long route on road to avoid mud.


  • Back by popular demand (you can thank Rosie), the Lucky Horseshoe continues to be a crowd pleaser. Glad to be able to bring it on the road to the south side of the river, it will be back at Heartbreak next month. Perfect timing to have it a day before St. Patty’s Day, but due to the gloom I have no idea if anyone was wearing kelly green or not.
  • Good work this morning, everyone. This is a tough one and it was clear everyone did a great job of pushing themselves. Congrats to Rosie and Tobit on your completion of the victory lap, that is no small accomplishment! I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead today, it felt good to get back in the Q saddle after some winter germ-induced months of being unable to regularly put in a ton of posts.
  • Hopefully nobody lost any shoes on our shortcut to the track, the Q almost did…
  • Results (last lap completed) for those who wanted to keep them for future reference:
    Orange Crush – 8
    Don Draper – almost 9
    Mr. Holland – 8
    Tobit – VICTORY LAP
    Rosie – VICTORY LAP
    Loose Goose – 8

See you again in the gloom very soon, and enjoy your green beer this weekend!

Loose Goose


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  1. Follow up note… Heartbreak Ridge on Tuesday next week will NOT be another Lucky Horseshoe. That’s too much even for me.

  2. Thanks for bringing that back Goose. Twin Team already has a monthly staple with the Murph but I am sure the Lucky Horseshoe will show up again before the end of the summer. I agree that you should start the Horsehoe Tour this year, take it to all AOs, at least those with a track.

  3. Orange Crush on

    Nice workout today LG. Rosey and Tobit are incredible. I’m in awe but think we should consider drug testing.

    Also first time in my life I’ve been called a fartsack. I feel honored. See you next time when I’m going for nine.