Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beach time is right around the corner.


13 Gentlemen arrived to 45MOM this morning in hopes that a workout would start their day in the most positive of directions….0529 50 secs….time to mosey.

The PAX took off with the Q right in the middle…..um, maybe they can read minds. Within 200 yds, Q kept running down the sidewalk with PAX looking for direction. 3/4 mosey around the block of Mary and to the blacktop for COP= x 10 Don Quixote’s, x 20 SSH, x 15 Seal Jacks, x 15 Copperhead Squats, x 15 Box Cutters, x 15 Flutter Kicks, x 10 Merkins, x 10 Booyah Merkins. Done…and mosey to the field.

Red Barchetta= PAX lined up for instructions. Run 100 yds and perform 100 SSH, back to the line. Run 75 yrds, perform 75 Mountain Climbers, back to the line. 50 yd run, 50 LBC’s, back. 25 yd run, 25 Merkins, back. 10 yd run, 10 Burpees.

Partner up and each partner performs 100 Wilson’s Dying Cockroach. Any increment you want but gotta finish 100.

Super 21……Q favorite. 1 WWII situp, 1 Merkin. 2 WWII situps, 2 Merkins…..and so all the way to 21. IC too. Due to time constraints. audible called for situps at 20 and 21 to LBC’s AYO but Merkins were IC. Had to finish. Mosey back to the flag.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Honeydo needs assistance with logistics for Growruck next weekend (driving the supply wagon) in one of the later shifts. Next Friday night is Happy Hour somewhere in RVA. Watch for preblast. Dogpile is 0700 on Saturday, 3/23 with Dredd leading. Breakfast Club will leave ET’s at 0630. ALL F3 MEN INVITED TO BREAKFAST CLUB!

YHC took us out!

NMS: Light crowd today but it is Spring Break for some. Great work today men and beach season is right around the corner. Q really likes Super 21!! TYA has a way newer watch than the Q so he helped keep time this am. YHC illumination no longer works. Thank you TYA.

Upchuck, sometimes I overestimate and sometimes I underestimate and fractions were a long time ago. Sugar Sock great to see you out this morning and hopefully, the funk has left your crib.

Thank you for following this morning men! Every day I thank the Lord for the ability to breathe and experience my life. And those days that start at the Gloom, my day is just a little bit sweeter! And we are all blessed!

Only those who post understand.

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Heck of a Q, Flatline. Glad to be back out. By the end of those 21’s, the merkins got tough even from the knees.
    Way to roll on the boxing cockroaches, TYA. Someone said you were a boxer, and I wasn’t sure if that was a joke (never can tell with this crew), but I can confirm you punched hard – especially the first round.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent Beatdown Flatty – Swirly approved for sure !
    Way to work Fella’s!
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Flatty! It’s never too early to get those Kings Dominion bodies ready. Way to hand it out this morning.

  4. Red Barchetta + Super 21s…diabolically Q’d, Flatline. Loved it. Glad they are not called Super 22s.

    For the record, my count says Super 21 requires 231 of each exercise. 115.5 is halfway, or most of the way through around 14. Officially, a whopper.

    — Bald Data