Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Last Q of Hate for M’Duke


12 Warriors hit the ground running this morning at No Toll with the hope that Spring is here to Stay.


SSH x 20

Helicopters x 10

Imperial Walkers x 20

LBCs x 20

Merkins x 10

Mosey to Soccer Field


6 Rounds, 6 Reps in 6 Locations

Round 1 Burpees

Round 2 Squats

Round 3 WWIIs

Round 4 Monkey Humpers

Round 5 Merkins

Round 6 Lt. Dans

Mosey to Parking Lot

How many Laps can you complete?

PAX runs circle around lot for 1 minute, at 1 minute mark YHC yells walk and PAX turns and walks back towards the direction they came from, PAX did 4 mins on 4 mins off

Circle up

Arm Circles 15 forward and 15 reverso

Mosey to Basketball Court

March Madness Suicided

  • Regular Suicide
  • Run forward out, run backwards back suicide
  • Escalating Merkin Suicide, 2,4,6,8

Mosey to Flag

3 Burpees OYO

Numberama, Namerama, Honeymoon took us out

7am Dredd Q @ Dogpile on the 23rd.


Awesome weather and and even better morning in the gloom. YHC completed his years of HATE this morning with a final Q. On to the 40s it is!! Everyone rocked the workout this morning, mumble chatter was beginning to pick up until the burpees on the beast were called. Sorry not sorry! Appreciate this group allowing me to lead, it truly is an honor to call each of you my brothers! Go out today be great at everything you do! SYITG



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  1. Happy Birthday Duke. Sorry I missed it (well, kind of…). The draw of a VQ was too strong.

    I like how you lead off the Beast with the Burpees. It starts to mess with their mind – “no way he will do an ABB, will he?” And, as noted, shuts down the chatter immediately — as did Roger Roger calling for 125 burpees in our last partner rotation at HBR….”um, hold up, what?”

    Welcome to SILENCE Duke!

  2. Happy Birthday, Duke! Great Q.

    And, Gumbo nailed it. My mind, after round 1 is called: “He’s not going to call all burpees is he? If he calls all Burpees in this Beast I might die.” Later, “Oh God, he is talking about being halfway done, with halfway to go…we are getting them in round 4.” One last time for Round 6, I assumed they were getting called again. Not that Lt Dan’s in round 6 of a BEAST are not brutal. GET OUT OF MY HEAD DUKE

  3. Happy Birthday Marmaduke! Great Q…as always. Enjoyed the laps way more than the beast.

    Same reaction here as Sugar Sock….”is this going to be a burpee beast?”….cause after round 1, I got a little anxious.

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