Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

GridIron Pays Respects to Old Glory


Nine of the strongest posted at GridIron on cool and soggy late-winter morning. Johnsonville took Q, and this is what went down, more or less:

COP extended warmup, starting first near the SF in the parking lot. Exercises included 25x ultra slow-count SSH, squats, don quiotes, cherry pickers, merkins.

Mosey over to far corner of parking lot near the newly renovated dumster area for continued warmup. 50x arm circles front. 10x large arm circles back. SSH, A-Rods, Alabama prom dates, J-Los. 50x arm circles back. 10x large arm front.

Grab the shovel flag and mosey across the GridIron to the front of the MS. Commence Old Glory. 2 Laps around school following flag carrier. Free for all laps around school. Stop at corners, in succession, with 20x burpees, 20x jump squats, 10x burpees, and 20x WWII situps. Finish with 1 lap around school and mosey back to parking area.

Tater led the way, with Chum Bucket, Pinto, and Johnsonville gasping for oxygen and trying to keep up. All respected the flag by giving maximum effort.

COT with Cecil taking us out in a manner that would make Earthworm proud. Coffeeteria.

Thanks for the chance to lead. Jville


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