Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DST. Why?


6 soldiers ignored the time change and posted on the first time of EDT DST.

The Thang.

Over the river and up the hill, left on riverside drive to the T. Pottersfield bridge, up the hill and back to the pump house.


Two groups of folks stayed relatively together today. Upchuck, Labrat, Shakedown and Gomer Pyle were in the lead group. Lug Nut and TYA made sure the six was taken care of.

Perfect temp for a run this morning, cool but not cold.

Lug Nut is on a roll. He had a steady, strong pace throughout and then tried to track YHC down at the end. I maintained a steady hundred foot lead throughout, making sure we didn’t get Lug lost. As we approached the Carillon, I heard the footsteps behind me. Lug picked up the pace and was chasing me down the hill. We both gave it all we had, sprinting (kinda) down the hill. He was wishin spitting distance (how about that for using the southern vernacular) when we finished. Thank god we were at the end, because I gave all I had going down that hill.

Great second F at Ellwoods after the run. Saab joined us for a quick cup of tee and a retelling of the various pets he had as a child. New Jersey is a truly interesting place with a unique culture.

Shout out to Bootleg on finishing the Belmonte and working his way through some cramping issues. The man is a beast. Additionally, I love the comradely of F3. Sippy made the trip to wintergreen and ran the last 13 or so miles with his brother Bootleg. That kind of support cannot be underestimated. Congratulations to Bootleg and thanks to Sippy for showing us what supporting someone looks like.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks for the run gents. I really enjoyed it. Lug, thanks for the push at the end. A little bit of competition pushes me to be better. Thanks.

  2. Good run, today, fellas. Thanks for picking me up, GP. Really enjoyed the chat, and then the pace setting pushed me further than I would have on my own. Nice.

    Good to catch up with Lab Rat and Shakedown. Been too long.


  3. Great Sunday start!

    Love and prayers, Shakes.

    Nothing but pride for my boy, Bootleg. Sad he didnt come out to shake off the cobwebs with us! Rest up and get back out there, bud.