Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Stairway to Heaven


On this day in history in 1971, Led Zeppelin performed their iconic hit “Stairway to Heaven” live in England.
In honor of this historic day, the COP was done with the song as accompaniment to YHC’s cadence. 12 cherubic men showed up to take on this celestial beatdown.

  • arm circles
  • don quizotes
  • copperhead squats
  • helicopters
  • imperial walkers
  • Alternating shoulder taps
  • american hammers

Mosey round to the back of Cool Spring where the bus loop is. On the way do 5 merkins every other light post (or so).

One partner runs the full loop and then heads back towards the partner who is doing frog jump burpees, then lunges, then bear crawl. Finish up and do booyah merkins till the PAX is done. Hang out and do some Flutterkicks in Vinny’s honor.

Fartlek back —
Slow jog until one of the PAX members calls out a spot to run to — sprint to that spot. First one there gets to choose the exercise the PAX does until the 6 arrives. Repeato until we are back to the flag. Exercises included were WW2 situps, merkins, SSH, and one more YHC does not remember right now.

Sometimes relationships feel like a stairway to heaven. Other times not so much. This morning celebrated the good times, the times when all is going right, nothing can upset the apple cart, so on and so forth. YHC and his M celebrate 20 years this Wednesday — some of our times together have been like heaven. Some not as much. That will be the theme tomorrow at Manndate!
Other than that, sprinting was fun. And watching really fast people was also fun. Carpenter killed it on the last sprint. Nice work!
BTW, If you want to hear a really good cover of Stairway, check out the band Heart playing it at Kennedy Center Honors. It really cooks.


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  1. And as we ran on down the road,
    then doing broad jumps like a toad
    There was some sweat (as we all know)
    Lets all thank OPUS for the show!
    -WELL DONE. Thank you.

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