Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Answer: You get your shoes wet


9 humans and one canine posted on a beautiful Sunday morning at the Pump House parking lot. Route was over the bridge, east on the access road, loop around Belle Island, and back the access road.


Lug Nut is killing it. That dude has been rocking out the runs and losing the LB’s. He is getting slimmer and faster by the day.

If you want to piss Lab Rat off, just tell hime you are going to run on the trails when they are wet. Seriously, he will get pissed. More importantly, he is right about not running on the wet trails. It damages the trails and I am hoping to run on them for a long time to come. Thank Mr. Rat for reminding us of when they are closed or not.

When we reached the start of the access road, we were greeted with 50 yards of ankle deep water. Two of the PAX decided to go straight in and get there shoes wet right away. The rest tiptoed through the woods to make it to the other side.

Question is “What is the difference between a trail run and a road run”



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  1. Nice run today, amigos. Congrats to TYA for learning how to get wet. And, then fast talking through how cold his feet were. You are almost certainly ready for the first 30 minutes of the Grow Ruck.

    Great to catch up with Flipper. Both he and Lug have made big strides. Well done.

    Good times at ETs.

  2. Yep, walked right into that one. I sweat it all the way there, TBH. Thanks for siding with me, TYA!

    Good catching up, Hutton.