Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Motown Vinny’s Back Again


Twenty cool cats posted at W-Dog for another Vinny concert. Here’s your set list:

Slaughter Start. Duke lost* = 10 burpees. Line up single file to pass through the ticket scanners / NA run to the front of the stage / police monument. UNC won* = 10 burpees. Arm Circles x 10. SSHs x 15. Imperial Walkers x 10. Merkins x 15.

Mosey back stage (John B Cary ES) for a meet and greet.

First Set: Triple Check. East Coast Swing Planks + WWIIs + run to the bathhouse and back.

Second Set:  Dora. Section 100 HR Merkins. Section 200 WWIIs. Section 300 SSHs.

Intermission:  Mosey back to the front of the stage / police monument.

Third Set / Crowd Favorite: 100 Flutter Kicks

Cigarette Lighters / Back to the Flag

Encore (Mary): Scorpion Kicks x 10. Elon beat JMU in football last year. 10 burpees.

Gomer Pyle took us out.

Moleskin: YHC pulled into WDog at 5:07. Swirly would’ve been there, had he been there – think about it. Hopefully our brother of international acclaim is enjoying a little R&R, Swirly style. 05:30 and we were rolling 20 deep. Strong numbers. Time to start the show.

Teeing up the playground was nice as it was a site within our AO that most of us have not rolled around in. Swing Planks were also new to many, and well received. As usual, Bodos was Spider-Man(ing) himself all over the tables and walls when the opportunity called for it.

Well done on the 100 flutter kicks men. If you are Sippy Cup, it’s form all the way, baby! For everyone else, it’s keep your legs moving and feet off the ground for all 100.

Welcome to our out of town visitors and Gilligan. Keep coming back. We’ll leave your tickets at the box office.

Hope y’all enjoyed the show. Motown Vinny will be back again next February.

*In case there is any confusion, those were celebratory burpees.


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  1. I had already performed my “Elon beats JMU” burpees last fall. Glad I didn’t have to do them again. Nice looking beatdown, Vinny! Sorry I couldn’t be there.

  2. Way to keep the concert tour going Vinny. Can’t wait to see who the opening act is for you tomorrow, but I bought a River-crossing pass and secured TSA clearance, so I plan to be in the mosh pit at 45MOM… or should I break out my break-dancing pants?

  3. Good stuff this morning, Vinny. Swing planks, when done just right, are no joking matter. I’m feeling them.

    Nice partnering with Bodo’s, Handshake, and DTH. Bodo’s is officially the first man of the cloth I have personally seen scale a picnic table, at full speed, in order to touch a bathroom wall. I take pride in having seen some nutty things around this world. I’ve added that to my list.

    Welcome, Gilligan. So close to being Money Shot…

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