Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lugnut’s New Route


9 southern gentlemen emerged into the dry gloom for a Q-less run. Lugut said we should go that way, pointing out of the parking lot, and we all agreed. He proceeded to describe a route that he had been looking at but toward the end of the description added the disclaimer that he didn’t know how long it was.

The route described was up Twin Team, down the Powderham access road then down Robious Road to Corner Rock, loop through Roxshire and back to Salisbury, Robious and Tarrington. This being a portion of a route YHC regularly runs there was some skepticism about the distances. YHC got out ahead of the PAX and circled back to reroute to Charter Woods, to Framar and through Powderham to Twin Team. There were a few PAX familiar with the neighborhoods that were able to direct everyone home. Doozy looped back at one point and lost the lead pack so he circled around and headed back to Robious and caught up with Mr. Roper and Lugnut to finish the Twin Team downhill. Lesson learned, only circle back if you know where you’re going.

A variety of mileage posted today from 4.5-6 but everyone made it back without anyone getting too lost. All enjoyed the route but the mileages will need to be further investigated next time we call this one.

Doozy asked for prayers for a friend that passed away over the weekend, another reminder to hug your loved ones and enjoy everyday as best you can. Great to have 9 guys out at RiverRun to cover some new ground.


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  1. Fun route, except for that darn start up Twin Team. Loved the remainder that was flat or downhill.

    Rosie and Orange Crush were off like they were being shot out of a cannon. Great running the “back nine” with you guys. Definitely worth investigating this route for the future. Very similar to the “Off to DK’s House We Go” route which is always fun as well.

    Enjoy the day men. Holy cow that Sun is bright – wasn’t sure it was still up there.

  2. Rosie had a lot more gunpowder in his cannon! You had to be Ethiopian or Kenyan to keep up with him today.

  3. Gumbo –

    My friend John was a Airborn Ranger, after that he went to work for D.O.D. And then for I.C.E. he was always a defender of the United States. My first F3 was at No Toll and you lead us in an Old Glory, could I persuade you to lead an Old Glory at No Toll (next open Q day) in honor of a fallen soldier?

  4. Phenomenal idea and absolutely, yes!

    The next open Q at NoToll is April 9. I grabbed it. If any of they guys who have the Q between now and then want to switch or want to run an Old Glory – that works too. Great idea, Doozy.

  5. Actually April 9th is perfect, my birthday is April 10th what a way to celebrate my birthday by celebrating my friend. Thanks