Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thus Always To Sad Clowns


Eight humans and one k-9 posted for Vinny’s one year F3 RVA anniversary celebration and ode to our great Commonwealth.

Away we went. Up Pumphouse Road over to Robinson St. via the VITA course. Right on Cary St. Left on Meadown. Right on Monument/Franklin down to the Capital Building. Rocky style up to the top of the Portico steps – take it all in, collect the six. Return via Main to Meadow. 8.6 miles in total.

Announcements: Slurpee has Breaking Bread tonight and could use some help.

NMS: Today was a great day for a run, and it was an honor to lead. One year ago YHC was a sad clown. 365 days and 278 posts later, I’m glad to say that’s no longer the case. Special thanks to Hardywood for inviting me in to this special group. What an honor and privilege it is to be just a small part.

Virginia’s mottos is Sic Semper Tyrannis which translated means, Thus Always to Tyrants. In honor of that we ran to the Capital and celebrated F3 style: Thus Always to Sad Clowns. May the sad clown in each of us never come out.

Join me the rest of the week for my first annual inaugural Tour of Vinny!


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  1. Great job today men. Flipper, Lug Nut and TYA showed us what it’s all about. Kubota just casually rolled up and ran 8.6 miles like it was nothing. Well done brother. Saab, as always, ran circles around us. Enjoyed it.

  2. Wow, what a great morning for a stroll and a great occasion to celebrate! Congrats on one year with F3RVA, Vinny, but most of all, thanks for being a great friend! Way to run this morning, boys! Enjoyed it! I think Saab is still running…..

  3. Enjoyed it buddy. Thanks again for giving me an excuse to finally visit such a historic landmark. You are one of those guys who join F3 and make an immediate difference…here’s to many more inaugural years, or whatever.

  4. Vinny,
    Great work, hombre. Way to jump into F3 with both feet and then lead by example. Glad I could be a part of today and your F3 journey.
    278…how many times have you spit in 278 workouts?

  5. Congrats one year In and you will get no Love from me Today… I was assured today’s run would be 7.5 it was 8.6 … You are F$&@ing Liar and I will not celebrate you today… HA!! Dude I Love your enthusiasm and commitment and I am proud to be your Brother.. Thanks fo leading today… Living in Charlottesville I have absolutely no idea where we were today.

  6. Whatever. You were ready for another 5 miles, plus. It’s great having the ole Nokesville connection back in my life. That, and we fellow Sudley Seahorses stick together!

  7. Vinny, congrats on your second inaugural post! I can’t imagine F3RVA without you. I’m looking forward to more great times in your second year.

  8. Nice work Vinny! You all inspire me to stretch to new goals! I couldn’t imagine running 8.6, but alas I was a sad clown just 5 months ago.. Looking forward to many more years to come. ❌?❌