Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



14 Snow Men arrived to WDog this morning excited that bridges were open and a marginal amount of snow was on the ground. Thanks to Dr. Tryhard for planting the flag. 0530….time to mosey.

Warm up lap and COP in front of The Carillon= x 15 Imperial Walkers, x 10 Don Quixote’s, x 25 SSH, x 15 LBC’s, x 10 Merkins, x 15 Cotton Pickers. Mosey to The Lawn.

Ascending 4 Corners= Corner 1, x 10 Merkins, Corner 2, x 10 Merkins, x 20 Squats, Corner 3, x 10 Merkins, x 20 Squats, x 30 LBC’s, Corner 4, x 10 Merkins, x 20 Squats, x 30 LBC’s, x 40 2 count Mountain Climbers. And now, descend.

Descending 4 Corners= reverse, starting at Corner 4 back down to Corner 1.

Mosey to the stage for Triple Check- partner up x 3. One partner performs Chicken Peckers on stage, one partner performs squats, last partner runs to rusty cage and performs 3 pull ups. Audible called for chicken peckers due to safety concerns. Invisible Chair called. PAX wanted an audible for snowball fight but was there enough snow?

Mosey to ampitheatre where it was quickly discovered that an ice skating ring was present. Incline Merkins, increase reps with corresponding stair.

And some extra credit. 0615…time to mosey back to the flag.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Greenbow still waiting to serve eviction notice to child 3…maybe this weekend. Dr. Tryhard has pre-ordered shirts.

YHC took us out!

Naked Mole Skin: Mumblechatter was light during 4 corners but quickly picked up as a majority of The PAX perfomed triple check on the stage during exercise 2. Audible snowball fight has been cataloged for future use.

Shakedown, privilege as always to share my morning. PAX will have to ask Swirly about his new shirt?!

Men, privilege as always to lead but more importantly, you followed. I am humbled to be part of this group! As YHC stated this morning, when you have love, you have life (Thank you, Westover Hills United Methodist Church) God Bless F3RVA! Spread the light.

Only those who post understand.

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good job Flatline !
    Way to work guys – enjoyed it !
    See y’all in the gloom.
    Swirl Y 🙂

  2. Always enjoy a sleet fest. Well directed, Flatty! The ongoing snowball tossing was a nice and welcome addition. Welcome to Swirl Y. Solid dude. He would really like our guy Swirly. They should meet some time.

  3. I enjoyed this morning, Flatline. I’m glad we audibled from the Chicken Peckers, it was slick as hell on that stage!

  4. Those chicken peckers were gonna hurt someone. Good call. Good Q. Glad I beat the sack. Great prayer at the end.

    You having trouble tagging the AO as well? I had the same issue.

  5. Enjoyed the morning, men! Great Q, Flatline. I thought the snow balls were going to pick up steam…needed safety glasses at one point against the sleet.

    Have a great day, men.