Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Managing the Clock


YHC arrived at Heartbreak with a full 10 seconds to spare, and lots to do: time for a Track Beast – The Hard Way!

Mosey to the track, dispense with COP and formalities, and get to it: six stops along each lap, perform six of each given exercise. Since it’s The Hard Way, exercises stick around and compound on one another instead of being replaced.

1 – merkins
2 – mountain climbers
3 – WWIIs
4 – squats
5 – American hammers
6 – burpees

PAX finished with enough time for a victory lap before going back to the flag for numbers, names, ‘nouncements.

YHC was a late swap for the Q this morning, but it was good to bring back the Track Beast! Love a plan that takes the whole 45 and works lots of muscle groups in manageable but challenging chunks. Wish we’d had another minute or two for one more lap, rounding out to an even two miles…maybe next time.



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  1. Looks like a great Q MrH – will be looking to join your next Q!
    ***GUYS WHO ORDERED SHIRTS: Find me at W-Dog or 45MOM this week …and maybe TT on Fri. I’ll be passing off the shirts to a willing volunteer to bring to Dogpile/ET’s Sat AM (bummed to miss Handshake’s V-Dogpile, but I’ll be out of town dragging my FNG cousin to an Arlington-F3 AO.)

  2. Great Q Mr. H! Those last few laps are brutal but worth it. Was also cool to see some of the lead guys getting some “extra” by going back to the last man. That’s what I’m talkin about!!

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