Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

So I went to meet the President.. Again.. (VQ)


On the 140th year since Washington’s Birthday was made a Federal holiday, 10 brave men (at the minimum, all of them Vice Presidential caliber) took the field at Hoedown.

Observing mid-30s temps and a waning drizzle, the clouds parted, and off we went into 70 & sunny weather..

Fun Facts from YHC:

  • Technically, the federal holiday is “Washington’s Birthday”. Many states have adopted the inclusion of other presidents into the holiday. Thus, ‘President’s Day’ is generally considered a day to honor incumbent and past presidents.
  • Washington’s actual birthday is 2/11/1731 on the old style calendar. When the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752, his birthday was updated to 2/22/1732. However, the holiday is observed between Feb 15-21, never actually on Washington’s birthday.
  • How weird would it be to have your birthday change when you were 20 years old?? On second thought, I guess everyone was doing it, so..

…today’s workout paid some respect to Feb. 22nd (new calendar) and the 11th (old calendar).


  • Side Straddle Hop x22
  • Windmill (no love for Russian soldiers on President’s Day) x22
  • Imperial Walker x22
  • Hatchet* x11

*New exercise, the Hatchet, aka Jack Merkins
Plank jack followed by a Merkin. Repeat
(named for GW’s cherry tree transgression, which has since been determined to be #fakenews)

Run North on Forest, West on Spottswood, bear left onto Silverspring, to lot behind 3rd Church.

Bear Crawl 1-2-3 (Dora’s obnoxious neighbor who stays up late partying)
Grab a ‘running mate’ (aka partner) and alternate bear crawl across the parking lot while the non-crawler is completing:

  • 45 Hatchets (for 45 current & past presidents)
  • 200 Mountain Climbers
  • 300 Copperhead Squats
  • When done, crab walk race your partner to other side, perform 10 burpees, repeat until PAX is done.

This led to some fun discussions of which partner would be running at the top of the ticket, and who would be the Veep.. Feel free to post results in comments.

10 count courtesy of DTH

Back to Last: Run to the END of the Tuckahoe blacktop, then back to last. Repeat until entire PAX is present.

C2C (Corner 2 Corner), Gregorian calendar edition: Washington’s bday, 11th or 22nd?

  • Half the PAX at one corner of the blacktop, half at the other corner
  • 11 burpees
  • SPRINT to other corner
  • 11 Lt. Dans
  • x4 rounds
  • When done, LBC on your own until the PAX catches u

Back to flag

  • Flutter kicks x22
  • Dr. W’s x22 (like a V-up, but hands together go through between V of legs coming up)
  • WWII’s x22
  • Hand Release Merkins x11
  • Planks

On to the best part of the workout (numberama, nameorama)


  • Breaking Bread this Sunday – Slurpee is covering this weekend, see Q sheet and/or back
  • T-shirts are in transit, distribution TBD
  • Handshake FIRST Dogpile (but not a 2nd VQ) this Saturday



I am incredibly thankful for this group.
Started a journey late summer to figure out a workout routine before baby #3 arrived, and here we are. Grateful to Don Draper for telling me about F3.

This group means more to me than I can express. Forged new friendships and have been encouraged and challenged (by both the PAX and myself) to build new disciplines in my life.

Thank you to all who encouraged me to VQ.

As I mentioned in prayer, make sure we are leaning on each other for encouragement / prayer when we have a need or are struggling with something.

  • If you need something, anything, talk to one of your brothers here.
  • If not, share what God has done in your life with someone this week.
    Be bold, be strong, be courageous!

With that, Second Bell rings and Greenbow heads out to go catch baby boy #3.


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FNG'd 10/4/18 at 45 Min of Mary. VQ 2/18/19 at Hoedown. Back Story: Me+Mrs+3 boys. Attended VCU & UR. In addition to a day job, dabble in Real Estate. ChapelRVA.com Outside of family and work - love home repair/renovation, real estate investment / brokerage / renovations, camping, hunting, & hiking.


  1. BRO! Whatta VQ Burner!!! Too bad this BB is actually Fake News – I can attest to the fact that not a single person, least of all myself, actually Sprinted between the C2C 11’s. As for my campaign, let it be known that KUBOTA will forever be my VP. :–) Greenbow, you absolutely make F3 a fun time – thx for bringing the JOY bro.

  2. Great VQ, Greenbow! Didn’t seem like it was your first time. I liked the fact that you included Lt. Dan’s in your VQ, you know because of your name and all. Surprised you didn’t invent a “Jenny” exercise.? Now sign up to Q again and keep putting the pressure on Don Draper to do his VQ!?
    Have a great day all!

  3. Great VQ Greenbow, Awesome job! You definitely were a pro out there today, and I look forward to many more Greenbow Q’s….

    Thoughts and prayers for a healthy delivery, I know things will go smoothly!

  4. Well done with the VQ, my friend. That was a smoker. I started shedding layers quickly on the Bear Crawl-a-thon. And, kudos for making the “recovery” after that evolution not the standard plank or Al Gore…no, no, those who finished early were rewarded with burpees and crab walking! Wow.

    Good luck with #3. Hope all goes well.

    • It’s always occurred to me, if you finish early, you need more, right?!? Glad I finally had the chance to put that in practice.

      I’ll get “Back to Last” working when I get to Q a dogpile. Somewhere like that, with known points we run to, is perfect for letting the fast runner push ahead, but still pulling the pax together. Tough to find a way to do that at Hoedown.

      So many ideas, so little time…

    • Just because I don’t like running doesn’t mean I can’t do it..

      I ramped up running too fast when I started last October. Got a lot of knee pain. Didn’t do any runs Nov, Dec, and Jan. Tried 2 miles a few weeks ago after dogpile. Then, a 4-mile last week (RAMM). Both went really well. Iced knee after the 4-mile and took IB for a day. No pain at all.

      I guess (hope) the boot camps are working to make the knee a little stronger! ?

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