Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dirty Dozen


In anticipation of some winter precipitation, a PAX of 12 assembled for Saturday’s GridIron offering. Vehicles were still being parked as we began with 25 SSHs, 15 IWs, 15 DQs, 15 x Russian Soldiers, 10 Merkins, 25 LBCs, and 10 Arm Circles (big only, forward then reverse).

Mosey to the playground for Jerkins. Working in groups of three, start with 6 reps and work down to one with 15 LBCs in between sets. Move back up the hill to the parking lot and spread out in the parking spaces for 15 Merkins followed by 15 LBCs. Move counterclockwise to an adjacent parking space for 14 Merkins and 15 LBCs. Continue to shift and reduce Merkin reps until done.

Jog in the direction of the school with designated lead guy counting 30 two-count paces and then hitting the ground for 15 LBCs – following PAX members hit the ground behind him. Rotate through a couple of leads until we reach the edge of the bus shelter. Split PAX into two groups. One group of six completes 6 Burpees followed by 15 LBCs. The other group moves to the school wall for 12 Donkey Kicks followed by 15 LBCS. The groups shift stations and complete the other exercise. Repeat for 5 rounds.

Saunter beyond the bus loop to the hill heading down to the ball fields. Facing uphill, Crawl Bear down and Bear Crawl back up and complete 15 LBCs. Facing uphill again, Crab Walk (feet uphill) down the hill and back up again and complete 15 more LBCs.

Gather in groups of three once again from which one guy runs 30 two-count paces and drops for another LBC round while the others are in Plank and watching. Remaining PAX members mosey to the drop spot and complete the same. Rotate through until all have led a round.

COT and Earthworm took us out just as sleet and rain began to fall. Few announcements under these conditions and conversations were reserved for coffee at Einstein’s Bagels after.

Enjoyed the morning guys. Nice work. Good seeking Quest, Tater, and Touchma as regulars. Cheetah has been steady, too. Great, also, having Earthworm and Cecil healthy again. Of course there’s love for you other guys, too. What did I miss?


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