Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunrise Ruck (and run)


Five Ruckers, two runners, and a sweet dog named Sally met at the trail head but didn’t hit the trails. Furley and Saab ran (first time YHC has ever seen that guy in a shirt – it was a tiger face tank top – sweet). Not sure how far they went but The Ruckers went south, down Riverside, 10 merkins at TPot, simulated casualty situation with Sally across the bridge, over to Browns, then to and around Belle, access road back to Nickel Bridge 8.4 for most 9.2 for TYA who was doing extra credit.

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Healing Place doing 3 miles next Saturday

Greenbow VQ at Hoedown tomorrow


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  1. Was nice to get to know Furley…I am pleased he kept his shirt on.

    Turns out we had the median mileage today.

    Peace out…

  2. Great morning for a ruck-about town. Good chatter along the way. My wife has been periodically rubbing my shoulders all day, which is a nice side bene.

    Have a great one, fellas.