Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Poor Little Guy Probably Kept up with you for a Mile or so…


6 men unfazed by Cantore’s forecast posted to River Run to log some miles and the weather held off for a perfect morning run.

As for the BB Title, in today’s version of that great National Lampoons clip, YHC was the “poor little guy” tied to the bumper of Rosie, Swiper and Doozy, and YHC kept up for about 3.5 miles before I lost grip of the tether and fell back.

The route was left out of BWES around by the high school and right onto the sidewalk heading West toward 288. Crossover Robious at the light and jump onto the other sidewalk and follow it all the way down to the new bridge across Bernard’s Creek. 4-milers turn around and retrace back to the flag. 5-milers head back up (literally) the sidewalk and take a left onto Lennox Forest for a mile loop in River Downs North, then back to the flag.

COT, Number-Rama, Name-A-Rama and YHC took us out.


  • GrowRuck needs more participants. See HoneyDo


Turned out to be a pleasant morning for a run except for a couple decent sized puddles along the route and one sniper (lip of the sidewalk transition) that took out poor Doozy – hope that elbow is alright!

The pace was strong with Rosie and Swiper pulling us along and Doozy drafting close like Cole Trickle.

Well done men!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Good run Gumbo, elbow is ok had to put a bandage half the size of my arm to keep it from bleeding on everything. That’s going to be fun to pull off tonight ?. I also think I broke my big toe, once I stopped running and took my shoe off it blew up.

  2. Hope that toe and elbow heals quick Doozy, Good run this morning, nice route to the bridge. It’ll be better when the paving is done and there aren’t dozens of trip hazards.

  3. Appreciate the prayers guys. Doozy, you didn’t tell me yesterday you were busted up!! Hope you heal quick brother. Makes sense now why I didn’t see you at NoToll today..

  4. Sorry I missed out on No Toll this morning, I did wake up and get dressed to go but with my hand and foot feeling like it does and the 4 foot of rain we seem to be having made it toooo easy to get back into the fart sack.

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