Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’s the Fire!?


A proud 27 showed up for a rare, humid Winter morning ready for a solid beat down.

Thang: Mosey around to Basketball Court. Stay in large circle formation while jogging for a quick warm up. Skipping, inside/outside shuffle.

COP: DQ’s, Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, Copper Head Squats, Flutter Kicks, APD’s, Merkins.

Mosey to large field: Large circle formation, with the Q mixed in the circle. Fire Drill: All PAX is running in place, each PAX member (starting with the Q and moving to his right) will shout Fire! When each Fire is heard, PAX will hit the surface, roll to the right and perform one Merkin, roll back to the left and perform one Merkin, back to feet and repeat until it works around the circle back to the Q.

Staying in the same circle formation, perform 3 sets of 10 each SSH’s and Burpees.

Up along the fence at edge of the field for a Lindsay (40’s). Perform 30 Donkey Kicks, run to the other side of field and perform 10, 2 count Mountain Climbers. Back and forth across field, subtracting 5 from the DK’s and adding 5 to the MC’s, adding up to 40 each time. To be completed when you have 10 of the DK’s, and 30 of the MC’s.

Mosey to Tennis Courts: Try a Suicide Variation (evidently the Q created some confusion in his explanation). Use the far line on each tennis court as the turn point. First “lap” is standard suicide, second lap is caraoke, third lap is running backwards.

Mosey back to Flag: 2 minutes left and a tribute to Don Draper to his 37th Birthday! 37 Merkins, 37 LBC’s.

It had been a while since YHC had Q’d and today was a great day for it. Thanks to the PAX for making it a great one! Awesome work by all! Most comments I received (I’ll take them as positive) where ones in reference to the Fire Drill and Immediately into the SSH/Burpee routine. I have to admit, that was more of a smoker than I had anticipated. Good thing we don’t have to rely on Conspiracy in the event of a real fire…haha.

Announcements: See Flatline or Corporate if you want in the BRR. Flatline’s Mother in Law is going in for open heart sugery…keep them all in your prayers.

We finished with 26 at the end, but I was told there was a 27th there and somewhere in the midst of the gloom was able to slide out without notice. Saab mentioned the name, but YHC has since forgotten…little help? Sorry, to the mystery PAX member.

Have a great day, men!


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  1. Well done, Flange.

    Happy birthday Don Draper!

    Prayers for successful surgery and a speedy recovery, Flatline!

  2. Great Q Flange. Love the very ambituous fire drill. I think the guy who ducked out was named Pen Island or Ethyl Beavers.

  3. Great Q bro – loved and hated the fire drill. The missing man was BERNANKE. Keep him in prayer – work related stuff kept him up all night before he posted to 45MOM …by the time Donkey Kicks came around he was about blacking out, so retired early.