Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute


Sunday was a weird one, as many of the usual suspects were MIA.  3 runners and one fat bike rider showed up at the designated time and location to check off the box.  Route for runners was North bank to T. Pott bridge and back on Buttermilk.  Fun was had, and the lead (running and conversation) was swapped between us all.  Great trio of runners.

We caught up with Tonka at the bridge and were talking with him about his comment on TYA being in Gong Show’s car….we told him he was not in fact there, he asked who was.  That’s when the BB got titled, and many creative names came up for FNG in tow.  In the end, I settled on the less controversial “Gong Show” after listening to his keys, or bear bells, or symbols clashing together in his fanny pack for a couple miles.

Apologies to Tonka for not sticking with the “man whore” theme…I just couldnt do it.  Maybe next time.


Lab Rat apologizes….



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