Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Parade of Homes – Slumlord Style


6 dudes posted for a beautiful morning at RiverRun that went something like this…


OG w/ a Twist: Before taking the Ashwell loop, dip into Tarrington neighborhood for an extra loop. Today’s tour guide: Slumlord. Lots of landscape lighting in Tarrington; total darkness on Twin Team.

Back at school in exactly 45 min.

COT – Rosie took us out

Naked Moleskin:

Slumlord showed YHC a few extra loops on Google Maps before we started out. Nervous about giving complex instructions, the Pax was able to tour the first of 2 possible bonus loops because we all stuck together.

Slumlord also shared the story of encountering a work truck that had struck a tree, rolled over, spilled fuel and blocked the exit to Tarrington on Friday afternoon around 4pm. The driver and passenger were not even worried about the fuel; they were focused on throwing ~20 dead Canada Geese back into the truck. Apparently it’s illegal to kill Canada Geese in our parts….wonder if the same applies to roosters (I still have 2 that I’m tried to offload for free: dinner at breaking bread next time out?)

4.7 miles according to Rosie.


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  1. Great run, gents. Thanks for joining.
    Singer, sorry to not be excited for the Patriots’ continued success….