Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

FNG + (2) hate hates = Tater Tots



11 Youthful  F3 pax members – + 1 FNG  enjoyed the brisk 24 degree Saturday morning at the Gridiron and  (1) fart sacker met us for Coffee

Please welcome  our newest FNG “tater” Grattan Smith. Tater smashed the workout today. I guess coaching soccer and keeping up with Cheetah and Vanilla Ice on the soccer field enabled him to keep within steps the hate hates.   All Quest and  YHC  could think of was Au Gratin not Grattan.

Also lost but not forgotten our 13th F3 member this morning fart sacker… Johnsonville. He was anxiously waiting at Einsteins for coffee and a lot of grief

Here how it went down…

COP warm ups on the  GridIron Tarmac


Don Quotes 

Slow count squats


Freddie Mercury


Introduction  to Turkish get up –  Subset Primer 

Squat – arm lifts 

Partner leg toss 

Introduction to Boat – Canoe

White Deer thought he would introduce a subset of the Turkish Getup – This is a terrific total-body exercise that builds strength, stability, balance, and coordination of your entire body.  We worked on form and no kB was used.

This exercise is not to be confused or does it replace the Mud face Turkish flop


Mosey on over to Football field for  the Beast 



Monkey Humpers

Flutter kicks


Vanilla Ice  and Cheetah were making ice cream out of all of us on the frozen tundra on the foot field during the beast. The pax loved Chum’s burpee suggestion for the last beast exercise. Tater and Cecil kicked ass.

Mosey back over to Tarmac for Kettlebell Introduction  Pax bought kettlebells and several used cinder block coupons 


Rows (2) sets 

Squats (2) sets 

Presses (2) sets 

High pulls

Sit and Press (2) sets 

Weighted APD’s

Skull Crushers

Weighed boat – canoes- sailboats 2 (10 second/ 10 reps) rounds.

YHC thought a KB primer for the Circus Maximus workout was in order to create some interest  to promote some new blood on the circus floor.  Quest and Touchma  expressed some interest, hope to see you soon.  Impressive to see those kb’s and coupons up in the air during skull crushers.


Triple play (2) rounds 


Jump Rope

Run around the playground

YHC had a little difficulty organizing the triple play. Hmmm 12 divided 3 or 12 divided by 4… Thanks to Atilla and Chum for taking care of the math. Thought I would add a jump rope routine to the play. Little did we know that By-Product is a world class jumper. Not sure he could even get the rope under his legs. Atilla started an avalanche of laughter amongst the pax taking care of our core exercise today.


COT with Cecil taking us out.

Cafeteria with all but Atilla. Johnsonville joins us at Einsteins

Thanks for letting me Q and being your war daddy !








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