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Always 70 and Sunny

DIY – the Original DTH ShovelFlag!


For a number of different reasons, there has been some entertaining Mumblechatter among the PAX in regard to YHC’s most superb ShovelFlag, created in preparation for our newest AO, The FORGE, starting 4/4/19. The original design seemed flimsy and labor intensive, so YHC developed a better design – stronger, lighter, and capable of lengthy extension.  For those of you interested in making your own version of the DTH Original, below are the necessary steps…

Historical Note: YHC’s Flag soared above the United States Capitol on the day of YHC’s Graduation from the Virginia Military Institute (May 14th, 2005). Rah Va Mil!!!

Step 1 – go to Lowes with ~$45 to purchase the following…

Badass Shovel: ~$18


Extender Rod: ~$10


Eye Bolt & Nut:  ~$1 (can be any gauge, but long enough to go through extender rod)


O-Ring: ~$1


Spray Paint: ~$5


American Flag: ~$10 (if you don’t already have one…)



  • Remove foam grip on Shovel & plastic grip on Extender (insert Extender into Shovel to confirm perfect fit)
  • Remove all labels (use GooGone)
  • Spray paint Shovel above blade
  • Spray paint Extender’s yellow thread-top
  • Let these items dry fully
  • Drill hole through top of Extender ~1” below plastic threaded top (drill bit should be slighter wider than gauge of EyeBolt)
  • Use manly brute strength and whatever tools on hand to slightly widen opening of Eyebolt, then hook Eye onto Flag’s top rivet hole
  • Similarly separate and widen opening of O-Ring to hook onto Flag’s lowest rivet hole, then tighten O-ring back up (if possible
  • Attach EyeBolt to top end of Extender (if desired, can use a bonding agent to lock nut securely on back end)
  • Slip O-Ring over bottom end of Extender, then extend rod & hand-tighten to keep Flag & O-Ring on Extender rod
  • Insert base of Extender into top of Shovel – only about 1” needed, otherwise difficult to remove
  • Decorate as you see fit, though traditionally an F3 sticker on the Shovel head is recommended at minimum
  • NOTE: Amazon sells excellent Vinyl stickers (white, 1-3” variety) if you would like to have words on the handle
  • Now you’re ready for all things F3! …or at the very least, joining the Breakfast Club extra credit on Saturday mornings! AYE! 

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Inducted into F3 at NoToll 9/25/18 (Ollivander's VQ). [Back Story: VMI Class of 2005, Grad work at UVA, Med School at PCOM in Philly, Pediatric Residency at VCU, Served medical missions x1 year in Papua New Guinea, Settled in Bon Air with hot wife and 2 terrific kids. Work at PAHP (Pediatric & Adolescent Health Partners) and serve at Crossover Clinic. Attend WEAG (West End Assembly of God) - serve on leadership teams for Small Group and Marriage ministries. Serve abroad annually on medical mission trips. Love to hunt and fish at my parent's farm in Lexington VA. Enjoy a monthly Texas Hold'em night with the guys. Build furniture and landscape for fun.]


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