Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DTH VQ – The Head Band Beat Down


In the sub-zero gloom, 15 headband heroes assembled to face the sure hardships of Heartbreak Ridge. Already sweaty from many track laps, HANDSHAKE was first to greet YHC in the gloom. The ShovelFlag was planted and the PAX assembled. In loving support of YHC’s alma mater, GUMBO not only sported a skin tight headband, but also skin-tight red&yellow “Gym Dike” from his VMI Glory Days – bringing warmth to YHC’s heart and general amusement among the PAX. Coming up on the 0530 start, YHC reminded the PAX of our F3 Credo – “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.” Today, that entailed carrying our wounded warrior SHAKEDOWN for any & all runs. This is how it went down…


  • Around Parking Lot to pick up stragglers – a few hearty volunteers appearing as pall bearers on the run, carrying the venerable Shakedown (who maintained excellent core-burn form and attempted to take pictures from 6 feet up)

COP #1: (back at the ShovelFlag)

  • x20 SSH …that’s enough, too many better things to tackle

MOSEY single file around track:

  • Follow the leader – layups, low side shuffles, butt kickers, high knees, bear crawls, running backwards, etc.
  • End at Pull-up Bar in a line, high knees, right face, UpDown-Merkins, plank

COP #2:

  • Morning Call:  While each brother completes 5 pull-ups in turn, the PAX completes 5 matching Merkins, holding Plank between turns. When done with his 5, brother-on-bar calls out his F3Name which was echoed with gusto by the pushing PAX

MOSEY to The Ridge:

  • Single file on track with more follow-the-leader exercises
  • Partner Up at The Ridge

COP #3:

  • BURP Back Mountain:  Partner 1 starts Burpees at bottom while Partner 2 goes up/down hill 3x (Bernie Sanders up, runs back down) then switches with Partner 1 …partners complete 100 burpees all together. Burptastic BERNs all around!
  • When finished, help complete the SIX’s Burpees, then perform the “ABC’s” – on your six with legs together, trace letters (kudos to GUMBO for finishing the alphabet)

MOSEY to Hand Rails & grab a new partner

COP #4:

  • #10 Jerkins (pull-ups on bottom rail, legs held)
  • #10 CliffHanger Merkins (pushups on top rail, legs held)
  • #10 2-count PoleDancers (When FLANGE began twerking on an upright rail, YHC thought it wise to provide demonstration – lying on six parallel to low bar pulling chest up to rail – two count with head to each side counts as one)

MOSEY back up around parking lot to far side from ShovelFlag

COP #5:

  • Dr. TryHard’s newest Exergame “Capture the Flag”!
  • Split PAX into two teams, planking in lines facing one another
  • Caterpillar to ShovelFlag (last man box jumps over planking teammates to the front, repeato until flag reached)
  • Winning team performed Flutter Kicks while the Runners-Up enjoyed 10 more Burpees
  • Side Note: DON DRAPER’s winners-circle secret = increasing space between planking teammates covers more ground faster… yes, YHC enjoyed 10 extra Burpees!
  • Losers joined winner for another minute of AYG OYO Flutterkicks

EXTRA TIME COP #6: (YHC amazed with how fast the PAX is zipping through the planned workouts):

  • Back to Rails for another round of Jerkins/Merkins/Dancers
  • GUMBO provided wait-for-the-six plankercises
  • Another follow-the-leader exercise loop around the lot


  • Merkin Wave – YHC called out each Merkin variety, each brother completing x3 to rapid-fire pass around the circle (diamonds, werkins, fingertip, ranger)
  • A little more Mary – Freddie Mercurys x20 IC, then YHC calling degrees to hold legs (90, 60, 10, 30, 90, etc)
  • Dr. TryHard’s all new Workout Finalizer – The CircleMerk !!! (double entendre appreciated by all) – Plank walk to middle, shoulder to shoulder, then Rt arm over next man passed around, then x3 Single Hand Merkins. Booyah!
  • Oh wait…still have 90 seconds…so 90 SSH’s it is
  • NOW we’re done… Way to work fellas!





  • The FORGE – new AO at Huguenot High starting 4/4
  • Personalized F3 Shirts coming soon



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Joined F3 at NoToll 9/25/18. Started The FORGE 4/4/19. Fealty to SOJ. Follower of Jesus Christ. Pediatrician. Missionary. Husband to the M since 2005. Papa to a couple awesome 2.0's "Oreo" & "Banjo".


  1. Gentlemen – thank you for your encouragement! I am exceptionally proud to stand among you. Special thanks to HARDYWOOD, ROSIE, FLATLINE, and others who could not make it but reached out to virtual high-five YHC. I will be on the Q regularly, and looking forward to bringing something NEW every time. Aye!
    [Also – SHAKEDOWN took pictures this AM, so I’m sure we’ll see some of those beauties on social media sometime soon)

  2. Very well done DTH. You handled it like a pro and kept us moving. Burp Back Hill and the Circle Burp were especially brutal but they brought warmth. Glad I could be there to support your first Q of what I am sure will be many many wonderful beatdowns. Great to have you in the PAX and on the Q sheet. Tclaps!

  3. Nice VQ DTH! The Burpback Mountain was a definite crowd pleaser. Looking forward to your next Q and whatever else you’ve got in store for us. Glad to have you around!

    Nice showing of SOJ this morning.

  4. Sorry to miss DTH! Had a previously scheduled Q down south this morning. Look forward to the next one.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Welcome to the Q sheet Dr. Try Hard – way to step up and lead!
    Strong work fella’s – well done!
    See y;all in the gloom..

  6. DTH, great work. Way to step up and take on the VQ with energy and ingenuity. Solid. Looking forward to a future Q.


  7. Great looking beatdown, DTH! Sorry I couldn’t be there but upon looking at the Q sheet, I’m sure I will post to one of your next Q’s soon. Well done, young man!

  8. Great Q, DTH. Lot of new things to try and keep us interested. Burpback mtn sucked a lot (will see that again surely) and the plank/merkin one man pull-up thing was cool. Flange’s Pole Dance was fantastic. I hope shakedown got a video of that.

  9. Great VQ, DTH! That beat down will hang around for the day. Great representation from the SOJ crew! Nice work on the outfit, Gumbo…that was awesome!

    Thanks for including your bio…I now feel even less insignificant. Seriously, props to all your accomplishments and stepping up to lead this group! Look forward to joining you at the Forge and helping to get that one up and running.

    Ha! Please, no videos of my pole dancing…that pole pretty well assured me of never having kids again!

    Have a great day, gents.

  10. Excellent VQ DTH! I get Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood stuck in my head everytime I read “Dr. TryHard.” Now you will, too.

    Great to meet Lumbergh, Scrum, and Don Draper!

  11. Oh boy, there’s lots to unpack here. First of all congrats on the VQ, here’s to many more great ones. Who do we need to speek to about Flange pole dancing? Burp Back Mountain sounds like a snuggly cloud pleaser. And Circle Merk, I mean where do you come up with this stuff? Absolutely brilliant! Well done brotha!

  12. Nice beatdown Try Hard, wouldnt know its a VQ.

    Great work on Burp Back Mr. Holland.

    Gitty Up