Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All It Takes Is All You Got


34 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day.  The expedition was to take the direct and difficult path to the shining city on the hill.  Our journey would leave comfort behind and face our challenges in the Valley of Doubt.  Many questions were asked before our departure concerning safety, weather and the unknown.  The most important question asked was what will it take to complete our journey?

The most important and honest answer; all it takes is all you got.

According to legend, it went a little something like this.

COP:  Mosey to far circle.

  • SSH X 40
  • Cherry picker X 20
  • Freddie Mercury X 20
  • Flutter Kicks X 20
  • Hand Release Merkins Unbroken X 40
  • Arm Circle X 1

Mosey to amphitheater

Pearl Jam: Complete 10 rounds of 10 decline merkins and 10 box jumps. Starting at the bottom of the amphitheater complete to box jumps.  Run to the top and complete ten decline merkins then run back to the bottom.  Complete ten rounds.

Exit the amphitheater

Crawl bear up the service road through the gates to the circle of success

Mosey to Rust Cage

I Want To Love You PLT:  Partner up.  Starting at the Rusty Cage each man completes 10 pullups. Run to fire hydrant.  Each man completes 20 PLT.  Run back to the Rusty Cage for 8 pullups, then back for 20 PLT.  Etc until complete.

  • Round 1 – 10 pull-ups, 20 partner leg tosses
  • Round 2 – 8 pull-ups, 20 partner leg tosses
  • Round 3 – 6 pull-ups, 20 partner leg tosses
  • Round 4 – 4 pull-ups, 20 partner leg tosses
  • Round 5 – 2  pull-ups, 20 partner leg tosses

Mosey to main field

Six Shooter:  Starting in one corner run complete the following rounds.

  • First draw: Run to the first stop at the 50 yard line and complete 10 merkins and back to start to reload.
  • Second draw: Run to the first stop for 10 merkins, run to the second stop for 10 WWII situps.  Run back to first stop for 10 merkins and back to the start to reload.
  • Third draw: Run to the first stop for 10 merkins, run to the second stop for 10 WWII situps.  On to the third stop for 10 monkey humpers.  Back to the start stopping at second stop and first stop for exercisies.
  • Fourth draw: Run to the first stop for 10 merkins, run to the second stop for 10 WWII situps.  On to the third stop for 10 monkey humpers. Run to the fourth stop for 10 burpees and run directly to the start and wait for the six.

Mosey back to the flag

Numberama, namerama, YHC had the privilege of leading us out

Moleskin:  Men, you have made this an absolutely awesome week.  This became more of a celebration of what we have created than one man’s birthday.  If you ever really needed a great example of what the 3rd F is, you have done it. You made a huge effort, were supportive, encouraging to another human when it was hard and uncomfortable.  If you can show up in the freezing cold on a Saturday morning before the sun comes out and crush freaking 40 hand release merkins ON THE WARM UP, then you can do just about anything for another person.  Let this put into perspective what it means to show up to give of your time and talents.  If you can do it for YHC, you can do it for anyone.  Aye!!

Gold Star to Sugar Sock for joining the full 7 Day Hardywood Pain Train Expedition.  Well done brotha!!


Our brother, veteran and good man Gomer Pyle is sharing is talents with world and putting his principles in action.  He’s one of the leaders to a medical mission trip to Honduras.  YHCs only birthday wish is that we help him exceed his fundraising goal before midnight on Sunday 1/13.  There’s $250 left to go.  Let’s make this happen.  YHC is in, are you?

  • https://www.mightycause.com/story/Jut-Fobf

The Sandra Bullock of F3 Richmond and America’s Sweetheart, Dr. Tryhard has a scroll full of announcements.  Praise be to the lord above there is not a character limit for the backblasts.  He’s a character with character and we are all better off for having him in our tribe.

  • You get a shirt, you get a shirt, you get a shirt. Well, you have to pay for it and you can’t return it cause it will have your name on it. DTH is organizing custom shirts for the pax through Mud Gear.
  • Remember when you were a kid and you made a big pile of mud with the hose?  Now you get to someone else’s filth.  Join DTH at some event where everyone pretends they are paramilitary. Sign up for F3 Team “Mean Mean Stride” – password CSAUP4FUN. 0930 Start time. (https://www.active.com/richmond-va/running/distance-running-races/terrain-race-richmond-free-2019)
  • New AO at Hugenut High on 4/4.  See him for details.  Word on the street is the Hugenuts is still the leading name for this AO and if we can get 20 on the opening day DTH will get the name of the AO tatooed on his lower back.
  • Due to the impending winter storm, please use additional caution at Dr. Tryhard’s VQ on Tuesday 1/15 at Heartbreak Ridge.  Those Shakeweights are gonna be slippery. For those dreaming about the double Shakeweight, please have your personal affairs in order before this undertaking.  Headbands are encouraged.

To Ruck or Not To Ruck: YHC has spent a week deploying the best marketing tactics and strategies to get more pax to join the rucking crew.  YHC’s marketing accumen was so compelling that Sippy Cup got pulled into the heavy sack orbit.  Much like YHC’s prom, Sippy Cup was solo, sweaty and alone this morning as none of the motherruckers showed up for a pre-workout ruck.  For details and inspiration on rucking see Honey Do, Marmadue, Honeymoon or Wilson.

Way to work fellas.  Dig a little deeper, get it all out and be super.

Yours truly,





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  1. It’s is a privilege and an honor to be associated with you. Share you talents with those around you and please be on the lookout for the talents of others. Make it a great one fellas!

  2. Job well done to the 40 year old! Enjoyed our run to and fro. Even though you were already respected, you earned a lot more respect today, brother! Nice partnering with you, Seymour. Brfore and after runs from ET’s is now going to be an unofficial regular thang.

  3. Outstanding Q, way to cap the week. Started off with a brutal beat down at Batteau that has got to be behind only hot potato convergences as the hardest F3 I’ve ever been to; and today was a great way to close it out with a heck of a variety show. Great job hardywood.

    As a note I was not in attendance at the trail run- just your boot camps. #bigdata is watching.

  4. Amazing Q Hardywood. Not stop pain from start to finish. Glad I was able to make the last one of the week. Enjoy partnering with Swirly for some PLT’s and Pull Up.

    Have a great weekend fellas!

  5. Fun beatdown and great Q Hardywood. Nice work bulkhead.

    Thx for the boost. As DTH and I discussed this morning but, and TYA and CK can attest, Mission is more fun wiith brothers and folks you know.


    As you take a look at this let me know if interested. A f3 mission is out there and we collectively have the skillz. There are also open spots in the next few months if you want to make new friends and do something great for some of the poorest but most happy people in the world.

    Thanks for considering your support.

    Gitty up.

    Gomer Pyle.

  6. Hardywood, I appreciate your leadership for a solid week of beatdowns! And through F3, my friendship with you and all F3 RVA Men has been a blessing. In this crazy world where I look for integrity, dedication, and just dam hardwork, I know every morning before the light of the day, you men are there!! Dam Proud! Be Super and Loud and Proud.

  7. Do bummed to have missed this. Looked like a blast and a smoke fest. Hell with silence…Respect to you Hardywood. Way to kill it this week.

    Love the idea of headbands mandatory for DTH’s VQ!! I’m in.

  8. Happy Birthday Hardywood. I hope we don’t have to wait another decade for a week long beatdown from you. Well done!

    I was in attendance several times this week, though not for this particular workout. Perhaps there is another Pax member who needs the big data credit to offset my debit? Unless it was my doppelganger, in which it counts….

  9. Great week brother. Possibly my favorite part was running with the Shovel Flag from ETs to and from Dogpile. A truly awesome experience. Thank you again for bringing me into this group.

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