Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Richmond’s Hottest New Club is Coyote


21 warriors got all dressed up to enter Richmond’s newest club, Coyote.  If you’re looking for a wild time with monkeys, two miniature horses and whispering men, this is your place.  It’s also the only club in Richmond where vests are welcomed and there’s no cover fee between 5:30 and 6:15am.  According to the Yelp review, it went a little something like this.

COP: SSH X 10, SSH RL X 10, SSH LL X 10, CP X 20, WWII X 20, FC X 20, HRM RL X 10, HRM LL X 10, Arm Circle X 1.

Mosey to Rusty Cage for Triple Check:  One person runs to the fire hydrant for 1 burpee. The other man is doing flutter kicks.  The other pax is doing pull-ups.  Complete until team has 50 pull-ups.

It was so nice, we did it twice.  Switch up the teams and do another triple check of 50 pull-ups.

Two Horses, Burpees and a Barrel of Monkey Humpers:  This modified Lindsey starts at the hill near the entrance to the amphitheatre.  Start with 1 burpee at the bottom.  Run to the top of the hill through the gate and complete 10 sets of five monkey humpers for fifty total.  Run back to the bottom of the hill for 2 burpees.  Run back uphill for 9 sets of five monkey humpers for a forty-five total.  Etc. until 10 burpees and 1 set of five monkey humpers.

Mosey back to the flag for 20 IC hand release merkins.

Namerama, numberama and Swirly The Beast took us out

News:  Puppy Pile is on 1/26 at 7:05am.  Bring your kids and if you are really baller, bring the kids of the guy who always talks about coming out to F3 but always makes an excuse.  He’ll be sure to show.

The F3RVA Mother Rucker training crew is in full effect.  For details see a man with a heavy sack.  For sympathy don’t see any of the Ms.  YHC shared with his wife the challenges of walking for an hour with a 25lb pack.  The M seemed interested an then asked if any of the pax would carry it around for nine months and then shove it out their genitals.  YHC has not seen that on the Go Ruck schedule as of yet.

Next Tuesday 1/15 at Heartbreak Ridge is the VQ of Dr. Tryhard.  Show up to this one is should be a blast.

Moleskin:  That was 285 monkey humpers and 55 burpees on the modified Lindsey. Way to go fellas.  Big ups to Conspiracy for sprinting up the hill. YHC has completed extensive research by Googling “Coyote meaning” exactly once.  According to the interwebs the coyote is an enigmatic trickster, yet also a teacher.  Between the coyote sighting and the two giant great danes who really looked like the wanted to be ridden, this made for a wild workout. Swirly gets bonus points and a shrine for wear the 30 lb weight vest.  He’s gone from beast mode to monster mode! Flange also continues to dominate everything.  YHC is suspecting he has quit his job and convinced his wife to train for American Ninja Warrior full time and he uses F3 as his warmup.

Thanks for the effort fellas. Dig a little deeper, get is all out and be super.




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent Q Hardywood. Great to see 21 out @ WDOG this morning..
    Way to push guys…
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. More burpees, monkey humpers and HRMs…Major Tclaps and Respect to Hardywood and those in the PAX that showed up at W-Dog after yesterday’s NoToll beatdown. That is a hell of a back-to-back. Hardywood is dishing out plates of success all over the RVA. Watch our 45MOM, he’s coming for you next. And, it sounds like Hardywood’s M is dishing them out at home…Touche.

    Dr. Tryhard and anyone else thinking of jumping in the Q circle for first time (or first time in a long time) – check out Dreamliner’s BB from F3 Hampton Roads’ Sunday Q School beatdown. Some good tips/reminders in there.

  3. Great Q, Hardywood. After 3 in a row, I am so destroyed it actually doesn’t hurt all that much. Which makes me afraid to stop now. See you boys tomorrow.

    Sunday’s gonna suck.

  4. Yes, there is a point at which you can hold off the soreness if you just keep on working. I call it the Swirly Strategy.

  5. Sippy tried to slow walk the coyote. For a brief moment it looked like a sure showdown. Alas, the coyote surrendered and we went about our beatdown. Marmaduke’s presence was also felt today. Twice. There was definitely something in the water. Good luck with your genitals Hardywood.

  6. Carrying a rucksack for 9 months and then birthing it was unfortunately was not one of my new years resolutions.

  7. This is officially the single best line that has ever been written in the backblast. I’ll be contacting Corporate and Big Data to go ahead and shut this thing down since there will never be anything better.

  8. Hardywood, your M’s comment may be one of the funniest lines I have read in a long time. Hold for 9 months and than shove it out of your genitals….f-ing hilarious!! Hardywood, truly superior species.
    Coyote at the gloom, Great Dane’s saying hi before Lindsey……yes, Marmaduke in spirit this am!
    Swirly, outstanding prayer brother. Gentlemen, keep digging….
    Loud and Proud!

  9. Hardywood, your back blast’s are truly entertaining and witty, which in turn brings further wittiness from the group! So, not only do you bring out the best of us with the crushing Q’s, but you also provoke some belly laughing comments! Great work today, men! Unfortunately, my “real” job keeps me up a night or two a week, preventing me from escaping the fart sack for a pre-dawn beat down. My kids love American Ninja Warrior and the last time a 40 something competed, I was approached with Daddy should try that…it would not go well, but thanks for the vote of confidence. Have a great day, gents.

  10. I’ve felt like I birthed a rucksack after a trip to Taco Bell before.

    Never done a workout where the damn burpees were the breather. Solid Q Hardywood.

  11. Smokin Hot Q brother Hardywood – the bajillion monkey humpers was the challenge I didn’t know my Quads wanted. See you in the AM.

  12. I’d like to see the rest of those Ninja Warrior contestants complete the Pain House as quickly as you did yesterday….they got nothing on ya.

  13. Club Coyote rules! Lots of ingredients (including this bblast thread) mentioned above that made this an all out memorable beatdown….way to bring it as always Hardywood!

  14. Great job Hardywood. I’m looking forward to the next step on the pain train tomorrow.

    What were the odds on the Sippy Cup v. Coyote matchup?

  15. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I’ll take Sippy – 1 solid kick with those bionic legs and the coyote – is giving birth to the rucksack .

  16. Hardywood, your birthday week of pain has not disappointed. Solid beat down bringing in new classics complete with wildlife on cue. Like EF said, I would never have considered the burpees to be the lesser of two evils.