Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hoedown year in review


12 strong decided to send off the 2018 gloom with a tour of Westham and a review of the year of Hoedown.  5:25am and Phonics appears and surprises everyone with the “cross-town” trip.  5:28am and Mr. Holland arrives one minute early.  5:30am and it’s time to mosey to the front of the school for:


Don Quixote x 12

SSH x 31

Copperhead Squats x 20

LBC’s x 18


Mosey down Ridge Road to the Trinity Methodist parking lot.  There were two VQ’s at Hoedown this year.  Fireman Ed had one of them.  Fireman Ed is a J-E-T-S fan and their record this year was an improvement on last year’s 3-13.  They went 4-12 this year.  So Fireman Ed got to choose 4 sets of 12 of something.  They were merkins with a burpee in between each set, so you had to get up in between the sets.  Well done, Fireman Ed.

Mosey down Rock Creek Rd to a right on Baldwin Rd and come to a halt in front of Marv’s house.  VCU won last night and have improved their record to 9-4.  So Marv got to choose 9 reps of something and 4 reps of something else.  They were 9 burpees and 4 hillbillies.  This stop had nothing to do with the Hoedown year in review.  We just stopped because it was Marv’s house.

Mosey down Baldwin to Westham and stop at stop sign.  Hoedown had an FNG this year that has really stayed the course and has accumulated 168 posts in 2018.  It was Handshake.  Handshake was not present, so Phonics got to choose the exercises because he came the farthest distance this morning.  16 2-count mountain climbers and 8 2-count Freddy Mercuries were performed.

Mosey south on Westham and stop at Beechwood.  The other VQ at Hoedown for 2018 was YHC’s.  YHC is a Reskins fan and at Hoedown we usually perform burpees equal to the number of points the Redskins score the day before.  Well, you can’t do ZERO burpees, so YHC went with their record of 7-9 and we performed 7 hand release merkins and 9 WW2 sit-ups.  One burpee for Mr. Holland being one minute early this morning.

Mosey down Westham to a right on Hillsdale and approach Lockjaw’s house.  Lockjaw had the most Q’s at Hoedown this year (9) so we did 4 sets of 9 box cutters with a burpee in between each set in front of his house.

Mosey to a left on Lakewood and stop at Westham.  YHC did not know this, but we were at Pucker’s house.  Pucker was still inside in the fartsack.  The average attendance at Hoedown this year was 12.  So we partnered up and performed 4 sets of 12 plerkins each partner.

Mosey north on Westham to the other Hillsdale intersection and stop in the median to complete 25 Tron jump squats in honor of Fudd who finally moved out of his house down the street.  YHC wanted to make it down to his old house and perform them in the yard, but time was not in our favor of making it that far.

Mosey up Westham to Lindsay Dr. and stop.  There was a CSAUP earlier this year that Team DRM (Tuckahoe) won in blowout fashion.  Hoedown in Team Tuckahoe’s home base, so PAX lays down and with legs straight out spells “COMPLETELY STUPID AND UTTERLY POINTLESS”  One Burpee for Gomer Pyle breaking his foot at Hoedown earlier this year.

Mosey back to TES and get in teams of three for a favorite of many Q’s at Hoedown, a triple check using the bus loop.  P1 runs loop, P2 does flutter kicks, P3 does donkey kicks on cafeteria wall.

COT, Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and Gomer Pyle took us out!


Convergence at Heartbreak Ridge tomorrow at 7am!  YHC voted for 5:30am but was overruled.  Now YHC cannot attend because he has to leave at 7:00am to go to Williamsburg for the day and go shopping with the M.  5:30am would have been better!  Who cares if you are still hungover.  HA!

Gomer Pyle is going to Honduras in a couple of weeks for a mission trip.  Please donate if you can to help his team out.  If you would like to donate, shoot him a message and he can tell you how.

Swiper’s Birthday is today.  HBD Swiper!


What a great first full calendar year at Hoedown.  The darkest AO in RVA has drawn some great numbers and has had 16 different PAX members Q during the Monday morning beatdown.  Even Lab Rat has Q’d Hoedown.  YHC felt like running this morning, so we got in 2.5 miles during the tour and stopped to get in the appropriate exercises at safe areas of the streets (the intersections).

There are plenty of possible FNG’s living near TES, so let’s make a better effort in 2019 of EH’ing those guys and getting them back out after their first post.  Everyone be safe tonight.

See ya in the gloom!


keep posting!


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  1. I hated to miss this morning, especially with Kubota remembering I made my first post there. Thanks bud!

    See y’all at the Heartbreak Convergence tomorrow, sorry you won’t be there Kubota!