Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Gift That Keeps On Giving Part Two


25 brave and willing men including some visitors from NC for the 3rd time this week, arrived at Mary Mumford to enjoy Spit-mania for the forth day.

This how it went down

Mosey to the blacktop

COP (ALL IC) – SSH, DQ, Hillbillies, Merkins, LBC’s, Dying Cockroach, Arm Circles


Mosey to the far corner of the soccer field

4×4 Ladder – Start at the first corner complete 1 4×4 then run to the next corner then complete 2 4×4’s. Rinse and Repeat until 12 4×4’s (Q’s called audible at 10)

Mosey to the track

Catch Me If You Can – Partner up, First partner starts running backwards around the track while second partner completes 5 WWII Sit-Ups then runs to the first partner. Switch, Rinse and Repeat till back at the start

Catch us If You Can – In groups of 3, Two partners start partner carrier around the track while 3rd partner does 5 Heels to Haven. Switch, Rinse and Repeat till back at the start.

Mosey to the pull up area

Burp Up Ring of Fire – PAX holds plank and does exercises IC on Q’s count while Two (then Three because of time) complete 5 Burp Ups.

Mosey back to the SF

Numberama, Namerama, and Announcements. YHC took us out


Another Q day for YHC and this was probably included the must mumble chatter of the week. No surprise considering the PAX members that were present.

Glad to have some visitors from NC again today. Welcome back anytime fellas!

As Lab Rat would say apologizes go out to the all the PAX today for the 4×4’s and running over a minute and half. YHC was feeling very ambitious today.

Glad to have Fudd out this week. Have a safe trip back West sir!


Marmaduke is still collecting coats. Up to 90 from what we heard. Let’s get him to 100!




  1. I’ll help you out with the moleskin:
    Fudd was LIFO, funny as Crap and complaining a lot, but was very entertaining!
    Enjoyed it Spit! Nice Q, except for the 4×4’s!
    Have a great day all

  2. Spit was feeling it today – brutal (the way it should be). There was definitely an entertaining crowd, with Fudd at the helm. It’s also been determined that I’m the only land animal that runs faster backwards than forwards – just ask Hutton.

  3. Good times this morning fellas. It’s been a while since I worked off a solid hangover at MOM. Reminds me of the good old days when TYA and I would talk smack to Toga the whole workout. So many new faces these days….but still the same spirit. I doubt I’ll be at a 45MOM workout again for a while but I’ll remember this morning for a long time to come. “I don’t take shots of Jaeger often, but when I do, I head to a beat down the next morning to work off the remnants.” said by the world’s most interesting man.

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