Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is a Punching Bag legit for Christmas?


5 eager and motivated men escaped the fart sack for a beat down in the friendly confines of Batteau.  A Hot Potato is called.

COP: Swirly – Mosey to other side of house under the lights, just in case we see Abba or others, so they can see us.  SSH’s, DQ’s, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, let’s Mosey!

Thang: Swirly – Down to the Tennis Courts.  4 corners – lunge to 1st corner, perform 20 Copper Head Squats – lunge to 2nd corning, perform 30 Flutter Kicks – lunge to 3rd corning, perform 40 Lt. Dan’s.

Pass to Hutton – Head over to the picnic tables (4).  Each PAX member picks a table, while the 5th is running the large circle.  1st round is step ups on the bench – 2nd round is Pole Smokers, 3rd round is Monkey Humpers.  Each member rotates on the tables as the next up runs the circle.  Completed once each member has finished three loops and all exercises three times through.

Pass to Flange – Mosey over to the line of trees in a straight, declining formation.  Run to 1st tree and perform 10 Mountain Climbers, run back to start and perform 5 Merkins – run to 2nd tree, perform 20 jump squats, back to start for 5 Merkins – 3rd tree, perform 30 WWII’s – 4th tree, 40 LBC’s – 5th tree, 50 SSH’s – 6th tree, 60 single count Freddie Mercury’s – 7th tree, spring to it and back to start.

Back to the circle right on time, 6:15!  Numberama, Namerama, No announcements.  Flange took us out.

NMS: Swirly continues to nurse the bum shoulder back to good health.  It was a leg smoker today and a nice change!

Good to be out this morning and something just felt different about it.  Maybe it was the fact YHC didn’t have to work today, so no rushing off for dogs and kids?  Or, maybe it was being back at Batteau with a good group of men?  Or, maybe it’s just because it’s Christmas and YHC has been really looking forward to this time with family and giving many thanks to God for the ultimate gift of our Savior?  It’s definitely all the above!

The post workout chatter had Swirly looking to the PAX for confirmation that he had bought his 17 yr old daughter the right gift…a heavy bag!  He recognized that it’s not a typical one for a 17 yr old girl, but confident it would work.  After hearing the stories of when she was just a little girl sparring on the heavy bag, while Swirly was cranking out his own work out and then hearing she had recently asked about that old bag, the PAX also felt confident he had chosen the right gift.  May each of you find some comfort on Christmas and the time to reflect on the many things you and your family’s have together, past and present.


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