Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I’ve Never Heard of Someone Dying in a Crevice


5 stallions and one filly trotted out for today’s edition of Sunday Funday.  Temps were sunny and 70 with the occasional dip into the 30’s.  More or less, the following likely happened:

Route: South bank to some form of bridge to North Bank.  Some runners did the lariat.  Reedy Creek was running high and dead calm.  No movement.  Runners were forced onto the road to cross.  Runners descended the slope to re-connect with Buttermilk. Some did Belle Isle.  Some did Pottersfield Br.  Re-connect at the Tredegar parking lot in time to see a shirtless Mr. Farley in a Santa hat.  Really.  Turns out, he was helping a friend celebrate his 60th birthday.
Total mileage: roughly 7.5 miles*.

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, Flatline took us out.

Much discussion today about the English language.  What is the difference between a crevice (/cre-vis’/) and a crevasse (/cre-vaahhs/)?
Apparently, size matters.
Crevice = narrow, open crack.  A nook.  A cranny.  Like an English muffin.
Crevasse = deep, open crack.  A chasm. A fissure.  Don’t fall into one of these.

* Sally ran today.  YHC estimates she ran 50% of the route off the leash, alternately accelerating forward and then reverting back to herd, in a ratio of roughly in a 3 yards forward, 1 yard backward.  This suggests Sally ran 6,600 yards (3.75 miles) on the leash, an additional 6,600 yards off the leash (forward), and an additional 2,200 yards off the leash (backwards) for a total of 15,400 yards, or 8.95 miles, which seems low.  Sally rocks.  And, Sally was disappointed with the Parks Authority.  The bubbler at the Pump House is not on this time of year.  She ran approximately 700 more yards in the lot expressing her dissatisfaction.  You go, girl.


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