Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breaking out the Christmas Dumplings


3 men took some time during this Christmas season to a meal a to some of those that could use some good comfort food and solid conversation.

We pulled out at 5:10 with food ready to be severed. YHC had some trouble with following directly but after a quick detour to the front of the building we made our way up the stairs.

We were greeted with a friendly welcome and got to work setting up.

On the meal today was some chicken and dumplings, apples, mashed potatoes with gravy, salad, and finally a Richmond staple Ukrop’s cake

We had the honor to sever and speak with 14 individuals who all have great stories to share.

YHC was truly humble by this experience. During this Christmas holiday season we get so caught up in the present we “have” to buy for our kids or making sure that we don’t get the wrong thing for our wife. We forget there are those that can’t be with their families during Christmas. Also there are those that don’t have a family and a simple act of kindness like bring a warm meal and means more than you can ever image.

Thanks to Bulkhead and our newest F3 RVAer (Surge) for helping out tonight. Surge is YHC best friend since the two of us were in the 3rd grade. Glad to finally have him and out.

Stay humble and kind F3RVA!!