Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No cotton shirt, heck no shirt at all…


The rain held off just enough for 23 Weather Men and 1 Canine to pound the pavement and start the Christmas Season weekend off with a stellar beginning. Usually the Q initiates go time at 0530 but the PAX was eager to move so off the PAX went at 05:29:40 secs. Prior to the early start, YHC awaited the question from the PAX as to “Who has the Q?” or “Where are we running?” But Saab looks at YHC, “Well, Flatline are we to guess?”  The Route=out and back:

Commonwealth to Monument. Monument to Shephard and back=4 miles. Monument to Strawberry St and back=5 miles. Monument down to General Lee, circle, and back=6 miles.   A few PAX members were rucking and a few walking. Lug, slightly tardy, did what he needed to do! And Sippy Cup-lone gear man this am!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Shakedown found 2015 RTD article on F3 and complimented all PAX members in the article are still posting. NO DOUBT!! Fudd stated the obvious, it’s raining. YHC took the clue…

YHC took us out!

NMS: Evidently Swirly missed the weather report for this morning and arrived with a long sleeve shirt on to run. That shirt did not stand a chance!! The sun was not out, but those guns were!!

BT, Shakedown, Handshake, Pullout-that first mile, boy, we took off! Little faster than YHC wanted but it worked. Shakedown, YHC always love the early morning cadence with you!!

Vinny-congrats on your in-laws celebrating 50 yr anniversary, as well as your parents. That bar is set high!! Vinny will actually miss a work out tomorrow morning!

Handshake, respect the posting considering your fluid intake last night! Respect!

Gentlemen, much respect to all this  morning for our jog down Monument! Only those who post understand. Continue to inspire and drive the power of hope! Merry Christmas and Blessings to the entire PAX. Loud and Proud.




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Felt like a summer morning out there fella’s !
    Great run – enjoyed it. Shout out to Vinny. Props to Handshake – respect indeed.
    I couldn’t catch Saab McFly and Marv but I damn sure gave it a shot for 2.5 miles then pulled up and hauled ass back to the flag hoping they would not catch me.
    Awesome job Lug – way to get them all in buddy !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Always good to run with you Flatline. I slowed down that last mile and should have hung back to finish the run with BT but the bus sealed the deal.

    Glad to be out there this morning. The fartsacks pull has been strong this week but I could not pass up on a rainy 61 degree run. Perfect.

    TYA – glad you made it to your destination safely but when I cut the circle this morning I was disappointed that you weren’t there to see it.

    Sugar Sock found the article but I posted it on Twitter and here’s the link for those of you that don’t tweet https://www.richmond.com/life/health/fitness/fitness-f-offers-more-than-just-workouts-for-men/article_3a5c846b-ef3b-5c71-b41a-a8ae3fc4f3ed.amp.html

    Good work men. Glad you are all still here doing this thing we do in the gloom. Glad I found you.

  3. Definite respect to Handshake for posting after last evening. That’s the game of a 22 year old. Props to Wedding Singer for taking care of a 9-month old crying baby all night then hanging his hat at Mary anyway. Props to ABBA for being a good pace car today. Vinny’s legs were heavy. I needed the camaraderie. As always, love having Sally out with the gang. She’s a good girl. Bootleg, enjoyed the return jog home, as always.