Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beware of flying kettlebells


Nine needed to get their day started right and posted to the Circus.  Some posted without Kettlebells, others without gloves but we got after it:

COP:  Hillbillies, SSH, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks, Don Qs.

Stay in Circle and grab KBs:  10 Snatch each arm, burpee, then 20 High Pulls.  Repeato dropping by 2 on Snatch & High pulls but increase burpees by 1 until down to 2.

Triple check:  Run lot and back, Lunges w/ double bells, & Sit & Presses.  Then some Boat & Canoe.  Head over to back of school for Lindsays:  Donkey Kicks, bear crawl, & KB Swings.  Back to side lot:  2 sets of Skull Crushers & Pullovers, and WWIIs.  Finish up with Freddy Mercurys and American Hammers.

NMS – YHC started his day by realizing he put his KB by his car but not in his car as he pulled in to the lot.  Luckily White Deer travels with spare KBs and we were off.  Good to see Tonka back out after recovering from a torn Achillies.

Jville posted with no gloves and managed to drop his KB on the ground a few times on the snatches.  Guess he is not used to that much snatch… During the triple check ample fumes were traded from White Deer and Keymaster, 2 of the more noxious PAX members in RVA.  Good to have Kubota and Keymaster out at CM and 9 is a good showing.



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  1. Great Q, Honeydo and Happy Birthday! The Lindsay’s were tough.
    For PAX planning on attending Gridiron on Saturday, please wear gloves!