Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 Finishing School


19 fine young men ready to enter society posted for F3 Finishing School. The air was rarefied, and the links were cuffed. Shall we…

Coat Check: Helicopters (12) / Invisible Jump Ropes (12) / SSHs (12)

Mingling: Jacob’s Ladder Clock Work with Merkins (10) and WWIIs (10) at each hour. Mix them all in back and forth – side to side – in the amphitheater parlor.

Social Graces: Triple Check on stage. Timer has 20 / 15 / 10 Jack Ass Merkins. Gentleman 1 holds elbow plank while gentleman 2 performs kneeling air presses.

EtiquetteBottom step of amphitheater – 1 dip. Run to the top and back down to step 2. Two dips. Repeato to the end. Dessert silverware goes above the plate.

Manners: Mary style. 105 flutter kicks in cadence. 25 arms above the head. 25 arms to the side. 25 arms up at 90 degrees. 30 regular. Merkins Ring of fire – 10 each. 12 burpees OYO.

The Receiving Room/Social Convention: A reading of 2 minutes of American Hammers by Hardywood*

Bodos took us out.

Announcements: No Hardywood 2.0 book signing in 2018. Big things to come in 2019. HDHH today at Longwood. See the Southside guys for the dorm code.

NNMS: Lots of folks on the mend today. Stay healthy boys and remember, push yourself, don’t hurt yourself. F3 is a cult – I mean ultra marathon – keep drinking the Kool Aid. Stay in for the long haul. Clockwork WWIIs were an interesting twist. Eleven and twelve o’clock turned into an F3 slip in slide, but only good times were had. Today’s video works are an ode to an epic countdown performance – and it was a performance – by our pal and resident Swede, ABBA. He’s a solid dude, and always puts up with our Swedish Chef wise cracks. Love you ABBA. Way to push today fellas. We packed in a lot, and y’all crushed it. *YHC tried to gift everyone 2 free minutes, but Hardywood wasn’t having any of it. Denying the host is a big no no, but in this case, we’ll graduate Hardywood anyway. Atta baby! Consider yourselves all forever Finished.

Race Ipsa Loquitor – The Beat Down Speaks For Itself


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  1. How dare you say “ass” in this “proper” beat down backblast!
    Great time this morning. That was one of the toughest triple checks I’ve ever attempted. Note the word “attempted.” I didn’t take long to slide/roll down the hill during clockwork. It was nice to be back out at WDOG today. Good Q, Vinny! Lots of groans means “nice job”

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Can’t say I have ever heard a ten count in Swedish – always something new @ an F3 workout ! Love it Abba….
    Good Q Vinny – I’m not sure what hurts worse my shoulder or not being able to do dips.
    Reaching out to Flipdog- maybe he can lazor this sucker and get me back in the game..
    Bleeder got his coffee and 3 miles in – – atta baby Bleeder.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Well played Vinny, I already feeling tight through my shoulders/chest/arms so I know I will be sore later today. The Amphitheater seemed to never end until I realized Hardywood was moving his hat each step, before that I thought the steps were being extended each round.

  4. It is definitely NOT a cult. …But if you don’t show for a few days, they start calling “to check on you.”

    Nice theme, Vinny; I laughed a lot reading this BB. Sorry to miss it, the game-time decision had me turn left instead of right out of the neighborhood and stay on my side of the rivah this am.

  5. Great Q Vinny! Way to make a show out of it with a 100 count flutter kick. Incredible.

    Abba – Jag gillar köttbullarna i ditt land.