Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Meters? This is America!!


On a seasonably cold morning, 8 hardened athletes and yours truly showed up for a good workout.  And I think they got one!

Warm up:  22 side-straddle hops (in honor of the Jets moral victory of scoring 22 points against the Texans last week, yes they lost but it was close), 12 forward arm circles, 12 reverse arm circles, 15 Don Quixotes and 20 Freddie Mercuries.

First Exercise:  Run 1/4 of the track (which I deemed 100 meters to which Attila said Meters this is America!) so that changed to 100 yards then do 22 merkins, 1/4 of the track do 22 2 count mountain climbers, 1/4 of the track do 22 merkins and the last quarter do 22 2 count mountain climbers.

Second Exercise:  Same as the first exercise but with 11 burpees at each quarter of the track.  this one elicited a few groans.

Third Exercise:  Traverse the swamp to get to the jerkins bar.  Do three sets of eight hold at the top jerkins.  I don’t think everyone got the hold at the top part.  Oh well!

Fourth Exercise:  PLTs – 100 between yourself and your partner

Run around the track through the parking lot and do the 5th exercise which was groups of 3.  One will do a wall sit, the other do tricep dips on a bench and the third bear crawl about 40 feet and run a loop in the parking lot.  Switch and do each exercise 3 times.

After this exercise we cooled down with 30 American hammers – 2 count and 30 2 count flutter kicks.

We closed in prayer.

Announcements:  HoneyDo mentioned the big weekend night race in March ( I believe it is at Pochontas State park).  He mentioned more information coming from a facebook page.  I mentioned Hardywood’s daughter doing a book singing tomorrow at 5:30?  at Crossroads café on Semmes Ave.

Musings:  I enjoyed Qing Heartbreak for the first time and will look to do it again soon.  Perhaps I will introduce the metric system to more Americans (for instance I weigh 90 kg.) Bromance was questioning the need to do this on Christmas morning next week but Honeydo said he would be there so show up before presents are opened and justify the egg nog you will consume later.

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  1. Great job Fireman Ed! I hated to miss today. EF Hutton and I were representing Tuckahoe for the Ghost Flag at No Toll. I look forward to the next Fireman Ed Q at Heartbreak.

  2. Way to drop the hammer on the 44 Burpees. Next time you’ll need to sell that more, you just threw that out there nonchalantly. Thanks to Atilla for farting in my face on the Jerkins, made the mud more bearable.

  3. You know. I never thought I would champion the metric system but multiplying by 10s and multiples of 10s is easier than the odd multiples of 3, 12, 16, etc. we Americans use. If I start saying eh, aboot and hoser then I have gone too far.

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