Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I’m a Giver


26 Christmas spirit loving PAX from all the regions of F3RVA made the trek to NoToll for YHCs 4th annual 12 days of Christmas beatdown with the Ghost Flag up for grabs.  For as cold as it was this morning the PAX were out of their warm vehicles early to see what everyone else had in store for Christmas spirit wear.  Vinny went all out with snowflake lights and Rudolph’s red nose head lamp, Hutton was adorned with gift tags and bows, Shakedown brought his A-game with the Zombie Christmas sweater.  Vinny, being the inclusive person that he is, stated there are no “ugly” Christmas sweaters, believing they are all beautiful in their own way.

Let’s get to it. Mosey to the parking lot, no FNGs – Disclaimer and an abbreviated warm-up of 12 SSH, 12 Helicopters and 12 Imperial Walkers.  On to the main event

12 days song workout style – 1, then 1 and 2, then 1, 2 and 3…until we get to all 12.  Exercises were as follows:

  • 1 – Dozen LBCs
  • 2 – Field Sprints (across and back)
  • 3 – Diamond Merkins
  • 4 – Imperial Squat Walkers
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 6 – Dips on the bench
  • 7 – 2-count Lunges
  • 8 – Decline Merkins
  • 9 – American Hammers
  • 10 – Flutter Kicks
  • 11 – Crunchy Frogs
  • 12 – Broad Jump Burpees

Mosey back to the flag with some time to spare – Peter Parkers, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Merkins, APDs.

What can I say, YHC’s a giver and there’s nothing like the gift of some fellowship along with a solid beatdown.  Great to have a large crowd out this morning, a good mix of first timers and repeats for the 12 days and I believe there were 3 that have had the pleasure of all 4 years.  DK, EF Hutton and Singer I think.  Happy to see DK out since he’s been laid up with a back injury recently, hope this didn’t set you back.  Reports are that Circle K made it home despite not being able to go above 40 mph.  He might be getting a new car for Christmas.  Great to meet Yard Sign who may not be Vinny’s personal chauffeur.  Hardywood needed clarification on how to do some of the exercises after a few rounds, so that must be why he was finishing before everyone else.  Say what you will about Mr. Roper, and you can say anything on here since we know he doesn’t read the backblasts, but the man is excited about an SOJ HDHH.

The ghost flag was up for grabs this morning and the Regional breakdown is as follows:  SOJ was not going to retain it, this was predetermined; Richmond Proper had 4 PAX with top point getter for Christmas spirit; Tuckahoe had 2 PAX with both gaining the Christmas Spirit bonus points; DaVille had 1 PAX member that drove long distances at less than 40 mph to get there.  The Q along with the Ghost Flag holder, Shakedown, tallied the points, did a detailed statistical analysis (thanks to Tobit and Offshore) of the results and determined that Circle K takes it home with the extra points awarded for the distance traveled at low speeds.

Announcments – quite a few, read on:

  • Recall’s wife had gall bladder surgery over the weekend and is recovering at home
  • Gumbo’s daughter’s MRI results came back clear
  • An F3 Raleigh PAX member requested prayers for his father Tim Dawson, going into heart surgery today
  • Marmaduke is collecting coats until the end of the year, he’s up over 90 total.
  • Hardywood’s daughter’s books have not been delivered so the book signing will be postponed until after January.  Look for more info later.
  • That postponement opens the evening for all available PAX to hit the HDHH if they want to make the trek to the Midlothian Capital Ale House tomorrow evening 530pm – ?
  • Flatline urged the PAX to look up CAVU in reference to George HW Bush, lots of stuff on it but here’s a headstart for anyone interested.  http://www.flagguys.com/cavu.html

Fun times this morning, thanks for playing along and joining me.  Enjoy the day, enjoy the season, don’t take it for granted.

Everything is coming up Rosie.


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  1. A great tradition and an awesome turnout today. So much fun…and, plenty of pain mixed in. Great message in COT Rosie. Well done man!

  2. Great to see all the holiday spirit! Awesome workout and great Q Rosie! Second year completing, can’t wait till the 3rd!

  3. Man was this awesome! Vinny isn’t a fan of participation ribbons, but everyone gets one today. And yes, I have a chauffeur, at least for all junkets across the rivah. I highly recommend it. I don’t EH often, but when I do… First prize today goes to EF Hutton who managed to keep a Christmas bow stuck to the top of his do-rag the entire beatdown, when we all know those darn things don’t stick to packages for more than 2 minutes under normal holiday cheer conditions. Great message to end the day, Rosie. I too hate the term, “get through the holiday season.”

  4. Solid workout for sure. It’s one of those workouts you just don’t want to miss. Well done. Time for a nap.

  5. Nothing gets me in the spirit like this workout.

    Amazing how that bow stayed on through the workout. It literally fell off while I was taking a sip of my coffee afterward.

  6. Love this holiday tradition! ….Plus, it brings back fond memories of my first F3RVA post 2 years ago.

  7. GREAT Q Rosie. This is an awesome tradition and here’s to many more. Love the CAVU phrase, can’t wait to see that shirt.

  8. Rosie-3 years with this workout and I would not miss it! All nano regions represented says it all. Your message at the end only personifies F3 and why we all post to the gloom!
    Only those who post understand.
    Loud and Proud