Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Swirly’s Kryptonite…


5 studs found the deepest of gloom in Forest Hill Park for a Batteau beatdown that went something like this:

The initial foursome moseyed (carefully) to the  flat concrete area at the bottom of the steps but right before the Hill of Ill Repute for COP, including:

  • DQs
  • Helicopters
    • OH, we see a light, who could that be — the light is too high, so its not Sippy, and then Swirly says “looks like ABBA” … really, from 35-40 yards out in the darkest of glooms, Swirly identified ABBA somehow – from his gate or his scent …how?  Who knows, but don’t sleep on Corporate.  He doesn’t need facial recognition or light.  He knows who you are.
  • SSHs
  • Imperial Walkers


Modified Sisyphus (thanks Mr. Holland!) (YHC can’t afford the royalties necessary to copy the whole thing)

Time to get the show on the road…short mosey up the steps to the Hill of Ill Repute for a modified Sisyphus.  This Sisyphus went like so:

  • Run down to the 1st lamp-post, bearcrawl back up to the starting point…plank for six.
  • Run to “big tree” between 1st and 2nd lamp-post, do 25 Derkins (facing down mountain), run back up tot he top…plank for six.
  • Run to 2nd lamp-post, 30 WWIIs uphill, run back to the top…plank for six.
  • Run to 3rd lamp-post, do 5 squats, 5 jump squats and 5 2-ct mountain climbers, run to the top…plank for six.  (NOTE: in the true Sisyphus, this stop consists of a triple check or dora…had to modify for time and for lack of IP rights…Mr. Holland is a brutal negotiator).
  • Run to the 4th lamp-post, do 10 burpees and Al Gore there for the six (don’t worry, we will go back up later)

Mosey Around The Lake

1 lap around the lake, stopping at each lamp-post for an exercise – alternating between 5 merkins and 5 2-ct Freddie Mercuries.  If the lamp-post is out, add 1 burpee as a penalty.  Oddly, the burpees only happened at merkin stops.  Al Gore at the bottom of the Hill of Ill Repute for the six

Mosey up the Hill of Ill Repute

Catch Your Breathe MARY, all IC, including…

  • Flutter Kicks
  • Dolly
  • Rosalita
  • APDs
  • American Hammers

Tennis Court Suck, with Swirly’s Kryptonite…he may have x-ray vision, but he’s no Rocky Balboa with a jump rope…

4 exercise stations spread along one baseline = box cutters, 25lb KB Swings, 35lb KB Squats, Jump Rope.  The rabbit sprinted the long sideline, karaoke across the opposite baseline and backwards lunged back to the exercise baseline.  Rotate when rabbit returns.  Repeato x3

Merkin ROF…and time was up.  Back to the Flag

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • Rosie’s 12-days of Christmas at NoToll tomorrow.  The Ghost Flag is up for grabs there also.  Extra points for holiday cheer.
  • HDHH at Capital Ale House, Midlothian, Wednesday 5:30 until ??
  • Book signing for Hardywood’s daughter Wednesday at Crossroads


It has been a while, but YHC Q’d at Batteau a while back and brought two jump ropes.  We learned at that time that actual jump ropes might be Swirly’s kryptonite, so naturally YHC vowed to grab another Batteau Q and bring them back…well today was the day. But, we had to put in some hill and lake work first.  Those are my favorite aspects of Batteau.  YHC will be back in 2019 for sure with jump ropes in tow.  No doubt Swirly will be ready!

It became clear that jump roping is a required class at VMI as Faceplant and YHC had 3 clean rounds.  Faceplant was generating some serious noise and energy during his rounds.  Vinny suggested Dominion hook him up to a transformer box and collect that energy.  Maybe next time.

Strong effort by all this morning.  For me personally, the 30 uphill WWIIs on the Hill of Ill Repute took the wind right out of me.  I think I slid downhill about 10 feet during those.

Happily no actual Faceplants this morning while running on slick cobblestone steps or through wet leaves.  Great work men.  Always a pleasure to load up Gumbo’s Food Truck and make a delivery.  See you in 2019!

No More Gumbo For You!



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great to have a Gumbo Q at Batteau!
    Of course I knew it was Abba out there in the dark – I take this stuff seriously baby !
    Yep been awhile since I jumped rope – finally got going a bit – round 3 – that was the only round a made it far enough in to have to stop and hand the rope to face plate – the 2 times before that I could not wait to hand him the rope was tripping all over myself…
    Great work today guys – that hill work was tough..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Any man can identify his buddy’s car, maybe even his headlights. But can you identify his headlamp from 200 yards away? Swirly can. That’s some kind of eagle eye matrix sh*# right there. Great Q Gumbo. Never mind the Sunday Funday crowd, the show must go on. Active hill recovery, baby! You always bring a nice variety to Batteau. Keep it coming.

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